In the hopes of being healthier, my roommate and I set out to do a three-day juice cleanse. We each purchased $90 worth of juices from Whole Foods and were ready to begin what we thought would be an easy cleanse. Little did we know that only drinking juice for three days would be so trying.

The first juice we drank was the kale juice and it had a taste similar to that of dirt and within an hour my roommate and I were both hungry already. How were we supposed go without food on what seemed like empty stomachs for days? The hours between the juices were long and filled with stomach rumblings. At one point we caved and ate fruits and began to realize what we got ourselves into.

However, as the days went on, our bodies became adjusted to the new diet. By day three we weren't feeling as hungry and actually felt more energetic. When we ate for the first time after the cleanse, our appetite had decreased drastically. We had even dropped a couple of pounds.

After going on the cleanse, I realized that what you put in your body is extremely important and it can have drastic effects on your daily life.

I began to fuel my body with food that made me feel energized and tasted good to me as well. I even started to like my body better, not because it was thinner, but because it empowered me to continue to be healthy in my daily life.

I would definitely recommend doing a juice cleanse and specifically the brand I used, BluePrint. However, it is important to adjust the cleanse to what you are capable of. If you need to eat fruits or one small meal a day, it's okay. The cleanse is for you and although it will be hard, it should not cause you physical pain. If you're interested in feeling rejuvenated and detoxing your body, a juice cleanse is the thing for you.