Health and fitness are at the center stage of life. We know that we're supposed to eat right and exercise but between classes and internships and work and everything else it can be hard to figure out where to fit in a workout or trip to a grocery store. The good news? Getting healthy can be as easy as downloading an app and spending as little as 10 minutes doing something good for your body!

Here are some apps to help strengthen your body without a gym or expensive equipment!

1. 30-Day Fitness Challenge

30 Day Fitness Challenge

This is the app that I used when I first started working out so I can tell you firsthand that it WORKS. You can choose your skill level and gradually work up your strength over 30 days (with rest days included!) and can choose specific areas to work - abs, butt, arms, legs - or choose a full body workout. Super simple and great for everyone from beginner to fitness fanatic!

2. Sworkit


An app for people of all abilities! This app isn't free, but it allows you to personalize your workouts to what you're able to do — making it perfect for those living with disabilities or chronic illness.

3. MyFitnessPal


This app is a great way to track your workouts, food, and water and helps you reach your goals through fun challenges and accountability. You can sync it to social media and get in shape with your friends!

4. Mealime


This meal planning app takes into account your food preferences, allergies, and budget to help you plan your meals from grocery list to plate! You can even sync it to grocery delivery services so you can do a quick living room workout while waiting for your healthy groceries!

5. Youper


Youper is great for mental health and well-being which is really the first step to physical health. Youper acts as a therapist and tracks your moods and triggers so that you can start to evaluate what makes you feel what and when.

6. Nike+ Training Club

Nike Training Club

This app is great because it focuses on audio cues more than screen time, meaning you can focus more on your workout then on figuring out what to do. There's also a great community for the app to boost your accountability.

7. Track Yoga

Track Yoga

The full app does have a fee, but the free version has some great classes for getting your flow on! Instructional videos help you nail poses and timing so that you can be a pro yogi in no time.

8. YouTube


You can learn anything on YouTube, and working out is no exception! YouTube is a great resource for *free* videos to help you with everything from yoga and stretches to free weight exercises and cross fit. Plus, you can find healthy cooking videos, health and fitness vloggers, and save money by not having to worry about full-access apps or class fees.

9. Google Fit

Google Fit

Google Fit uses American Heart Association recommendations to help you move more. You earn "Move Minutes" for activities, a reward for small changes that make a big impact. You can also earn "Heart Points" for activities that get your heart working harder, like brisk walking or running. Super simple and great for beginners!

10. AllTrails

All Trails

Prefer to get a workout in outside? AllTrails can help you find the best hiking, running, and biking trails near you! You'll have access to maps and progress trackers and can read reviews so you know what the trail is like. Plus, being outside will help not just your fitness but also your mood as you enjoy the great outdoors!

11. InnerHour


InnerHour has great tools for managing depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, anger, and happiness through personalized plans that will help you feel better and live better. You can set goals for yourself, chat with an AI to release your feelings, and reach out to an expert for counseling. InnerHour is a great way to begin knowing yourself and getting to where you want to be!