The Judgment Strikes Again!

The Judgment Strikes Again!

Another account of being judged as a plus size instructor

Leah RIchards

Hello internet, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter (if you celebrate). Unfortunately the tale of judgement has rose up in my life of being a plus size yoga instructor. This past weekend I went to a friend's yoga class around the Naperville area. I watch in to the studio (having preregistered for the class and set my yoga mat up. I then proceeded to walk out of the studio to be greeted by one of my good friends with the biggest bear hug of my life (he's an awesome friend, we all need a friend like him). After this big bear hug we chatted for a few, while he was checking in other students, and he was making sure the room was set up to his liking. It was a few minutes before class started and my friend had to go and take care of a few things, so he politely excused himself as I then wandered around the studio (which is a gorgeous studio). As I am wandering around the studio I noticed a few woman sitting on the couch in the lobby area I was in. As I passed by them, one of the women sitting there stopped me and asked, "How do you know Bob (Bob isn't his actual name, but lets just call him Bob)?" I turned the women on the couch and said, "Oh, I did yoga training with Bob 4 years ago." And, holy hell the look these two gave me was the, a fat girl doing yoga, that's insane look. So, instead of getting upset at their closed mindedness I decided to educate them on the idea that yoga is for everyone. So, I turned to them and quietly said, "Yes, I am a plus size yoga instructor that currently teaches at 9 places and I am a massage therapist at two places. I am also the proud holder of a two year and four year degree in political science; I also run my own yoga business as well." After my educating the women on their closed mindedness, I turned around and walked into the yoga room and had a fabulous class.

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