My Major Doesn't Make Me Stupid

I was totally aware of the reactions I would receive by being a journalism major, and I was OK with it.

I figured that may be one of the hardest things I would have to deal with and I was more than okay with it. I get a lot of people thinking I chose it because I'm too dumb or too lazy to handle anything else. So many people think I am cutting myself short or that they're better than me. The belittling becomes far more regular the farther along I get.

I know there are people who have to work harder while they are in school so they can relax later when they have a degree. And others get through their classes a bit easier, just to have to prove themselves later to get and keep good, solid careers. I'm with the latter group. I knew that when I signed up and I know that now.

Any major is going to come with its hurdles and struggles at times.

I may not complain about mine, but it doesn't mean everything is easy all the time. I just love what I do and I know how lucky I am that I allowed myself to do that, therefore, nothing feels like a sacrifice. I am making a sacrifice like so many others do, just a different one. I am giving up a guaranteed paycheck for the chance to do what I enjoy. Other people will give up four to ten years of extra free time for job security. There is nothing wrong with either decision, especially when we all have to make it.

I am conscious of the fact that what I do matters, so I'm working on not letting it bother me when I get told otherwise.

We cannot all be doctors and lawyers and nurses and engineers and entrepreneurs. Some of us have to take the pay cut and be teachers and writers and musicians and artists. There wouldn't be a balance if we didn't. It doesn't make us any less intelligent or any less willing to work hard for what we want. For that reason alone, I don't have to justify myself.

If I were able to start all over again, there isn't one change I would make. I'm taking my own journey to end up where I want to be and how hard I work only affects me. I know where I can end up and I know how smart I need to be to get there. I'm smart enough to know that I'm making the decision that is right for me.

Once we make it to college, we've proved we all have enough basic knowledge to function on the same level, everything past that is applied knowledge to get us ready for careers.

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