For the longest time, I thought I’d have a degree in criminal justice, specifically forensics, but after a while I realized that I don’t want to go through all those classes dealing with government and science.

I loved writing and I loved books, but I was convinced pretty early in my life that the chances of me succeeding as a novelist. So, I chose the next best thing – journalism.

Currently, I’m majoring in journalism, my concentration being photojournalism. This means that I do some photography, alongside learning how to write for a variety of platforms and audiences.

I want to write for a magazine, whether it be a physical one or a digital one. I want to write about music, about artists and albums, reviewing concerts and EP’s, interviewing musicians and hearing their stories and inspirations.

Music is very important to me, always has been. I love hearing about people’s favorite artists and their first concert experiences. For the most part, music is what takes up the most space on my phone and my laptop. I’m always looking for new artists and reading reviews of performances and albums. Having an eclectic taste also helps when discovering new artists because it allows me to be more open about the artist’s sound.

I have somewhat of a background in music, but it wasn’t a major aspect of my life until a little later, when I was a little older and had a stronger appreciation for instruments and sounds.

The concert experience is always different for me, because of the artists, the fans, and just the overall atmosphere. The vibes you can get from one concert in a small venue can be just as powerful and affective as the vibes you would get from a sold-out arena.

I want to write about these vibes, about these people and their music. I would love to interview them, hear their thoughts, and maybe even take a few photos for the articles. I’m glad I realized that I can combine too important aspects of my life into a potential career.