Let's be honest, we love the thought of having a journal, but the actual upkeep is hard to do. I get it, we get busy, tired, and stressed out. It's hard to find time to sit down and write your thoughts down when you could quickly send a text to your best friend, ranting about how a driver flipped you off on the freeway.

However, I found in these past years, journaling can be one of the most therapeutic things. Not only do you write out your thoughts, but you can organize them and think them through. Plus, it is a cool memento to read back on and even show to your kids. I'm sure they would get a kick out of your thoughts at their age.

It's hard to think of something to say each day (or even once a week). So I made a little guide for this summer. 70 journal prompts to help you fill out that journal and finally finish it. Each prompt can be interpreted however you want and styles to your personality and what works for you.

If you accept this challenge, take photos of your progress and share using the hashtag #WriteitREAL. Now, pull out those journals and fancy pens and get writing.

1. Give 5 goals you have for the summer.

2. Write about someone you love.

3. What do you love most about your life at the moment? 

4. How is this season affecting you?

5. Write a letter to your future child.

6. Write about a bad relationship you’ve had and what you learned from it.

7. What is something that you wish that people still did these days?

8. What is a quote that you desperately need to hear? Write it down, add splashes of color, paint, etc. 

9. Pick a flower and tape it in your journal. Write down anything it reminds you of. A memory, a poem, situation, life, etc.

10. What do you wish that people knew and could understand about you?

11. Your first love and kiss.

12. 10 secrets.

13. An open letter to someone.

14. Talk about the last time you’ve cried.

15. Your summer playlist.

16. What is one change that you are making this month?

17. What is your go-to coffee/tea order?

18. Brunch or Dinner date?

19. Would you ever try Bumble or Tinder, or would you rather have a different story?

20. What are your thoughts about the world right now?

21. Hacks to adulting.

22. Print out an old photo of a relative (preferably black and white). Talk about their history.

23. What is your relationship with God like?

24. If you had a career as an actor, what movie would you want to be in? Who would costar in it with you? Who would be the love interest?

25. Invent a new dessert. Bonus points if you actually make it and post a picture in your journal and NOT on Instagram.

26. Write a piece of micro fiction (100 words max) about the worst day of the week.

27. Design your future wedding. Cut out photos from Pinterest and design your day.

28. What is something you wish you had the guts to say?

29. If you could only know one phrase in every language, what would you choose and why?

30. Do you have any baby names that are ruined for you because of people? What are they?

31. What do you want to do? What is your wildest dream?

32. Rewrite a scene from a Disney movie.

33. What is your favorite Bible verse? Why? What does it mean to you?

34. If you were forced to get a tattoo right now, what would it be? Do you ever want a tattoo?

35. Paste a photo of a celebrity you want to marry and write why (this will be fun to look back on when you have kids your age!)

36. What is a day that truly defined who you are today? (Good or bad)

37. Favorite quote from a piece of classic literature.

38. What kind of flower are you most like and why?

39. College roommate horror story?

40. Craziest college story?

41. Talk about a romantic interest who turned out to be awful.

42. Introvert or extrovert? Why?

43. The worst job you ever had? What made it so bad?

44. One of your most embarrassing moments? 

45. What attribute do you like the best that God gave you?

46. What is your greatest fear?

47. What can you do about that fear? How can you defeat it?

48. Makeup or no makeup? Why? How would you feel if you did the opposite for an entire week?

49. Morning or night person? Why? What do you do?

50. List the thoughts you had in the shower.

51. What food can you absolutely not stand? Why? Would you try it again?

52. What is a charity or campaign that you are passionate about? Why?

53. Do you have a homemade family recipe? Write it down here. 

54. Do you have a favorite recipe? Write it down here. 

55. Describe a feeling that you have and hate.

56. Talk about your favorite color, without using the name of the color.

57. Who is your best friend? Why? What makes them your best friend?

58. Are you still friends with your friends in high school or did you make your true friends in college? Why do you think?

59. Look at the news and talk about a huge event that happened this day and your thoughts on it.

60. Write down your favorite joke.

61. What was your first date like?

62. Do you think you’ll let your kids have video games and an iPhone when they are younger?

63.  What are some seemingly small things that have the biggest impact on you?

64. List some things that we should start doing more often.

65. Favorite place you have traveled and why. Tape photos inside. 

66. Favorite story from when you traveled. 

67. List things you didn’t actually need for college. 

68. Where can you get the best tacos from? Why?

69. What super weird thing do you like to do? Why?

70. What are you most excited for in this upcoming school year? Why? What goals do you have?