Reasons to join jmu’s bare naked ladies

During my first semester of college, I went to the club fair to walk around with my friends and scope out yet another new social scene. Nothing really caught my eye until I saw a beautifully decorated stand with a bunch of gorgeous, smiling people standing around it. It read: "Bare Naked Ladies," and I opted not to approach. I didn't really think it likely that there was a nudist colony chapter at my school, but the unknown was too daunting for me. So naturally, I went back to my dorm and searched their name in the database of clubs at my university. Ah, a self-love club! I thought to myself. Yes, that makes so much more sense. Sign me up! So I went to my first meeting and immediately fell in love with the message. I went back to my dorm and told my friend that I had found a club I knew she would adore, and the rest is history. BNL has been a big part of my college experience, and the vast majority of my friends are either people I met at general body meetings (GBMs) or social events, or people who joined after we became friends. So, why do I think everyone should consider joining this wonderful club? Let's see…

We accept everyone

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Don't let the name fool you! Regardless of who or what you identify as, you are welcome with us. We believe that absolutely everyone deserves to embark on their own self-love journeys, and we want to help and/or be a part of that beautiful experience.

New friends

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"But I don't want/need any new friends," you may be thinking. Look, you're just gonna have to trust me on this one, but you want to meet the incredible people who make up this club. They're caring, kind, and so very supportive. Also, we do the whole family thing, similarly to the way greek organizations do it, but less intense. If you're on the shy side (I see you, I have been you, I often still am you), don't worry: we have a plan.

Social events

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In the two years I've been in this club, we incorporated mixers (social events where two or more clubs/organizations come together) one year and had club-only bonding events another. It could go either way, but it's guaranteed fun regardless! And unlike some social scenes you'll find around campus, there's no pressure to drink in order to participate in the festivities. No shade; we all know it's true. Do what (legally) floats ya boat.

Leadership opportunities

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At the end of every academic year, our executive board positions are up for grabs. There are five positions you could run for, each providing you with leadership experience if you're looking for it.

Being a part of something

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It can be hard sometimes to find where you fit in, feel the most at home, when you go off to college. BNL helped me find my people, which then gave me the confidence to go out and join other organizations as well. I truly believe that it could do the same thing for you, so if you're a JMU student, or if there's a similar club at your school, please consider joining!

I hope this sparked an interest in even one person, either to join a pre-existing club, or maybe even to create one of your own at school or in your community!

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