Why I Loved My Architecture Internship at JMAC
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8 Reasons Why I Love My Architecture Internship at JMAC

At JMAC, you feel like so much more than "just an intern."

8 Reasons Why I Love My Architecture Internship at JMAC
Jess Norman

Since the day after spring semester ended, I have been interning at JMAC Architects and Planners. I am happy to say that there is no other place I would have rather interned at, and here are just a few of the many reasons why:

1. I was immediately part of the team, not "just an intern."

From participating in team meetings to choosing music I like for the music schedule, I am always included. I have been treated as a part of the team since day one, which is something that most internships simply cannot offer.

2. Asking questions is encouraged.

It is safe to say that I had a lot of questions at the start of my internship. Asking questions is important, and at JMAC, they are always encouraged. Nobody ever made me feel like a burden for having so many questions or left me wondering if mine are too dumb to ask.

3. There is a collaborative workplace environment.

We are all able to learn from each other at the office. The open office layout fosters dialogue and conversation, which means that there is thankfully no sitting in silence for a full work day. This gave me the chance to learn while also getting to know everyone on the team.

4. The work is impactful.

Meaningful projects are what drew me to the firm in the first place. After all, architecture isn't only about fancy designs and pretty renderings. At its core, it is about people. JMAC always keeps this in mind. Over the past few months, I loved learning about important fields of work such as affordable housing. It has further shaped my career and educational goals.

5. l learned about architecture "in the real world."

In school, we do not explore many technicalities. True, we have construction classes, but it wasn't until this internship that I was able to grasp how the components of a building work together to create architecture. It is also worth mentioning that I was able to get comfortable using Revit, which was a main ambition of mine at the start of the year.

6. Everyone has a sense of humor.

JMAC is not a dull place to work, and I am grateful because interning in such an enjoyable environment is special. Because of the fun JMAC team, I look forward to work each and every day.

7. They are all great listeners.

But what group of primarily middle-aged men wouldn't want to hear a thorough play-by-play of the time that I saw Joe Jonas? And surely they loved listening to my fun facts about Keanu Reeves at least once a day for three months straight! Okay, fine- they deserve some credit for listening to all my ramblings!

8. Last but not least...Frank!

Yep, he's the cutest dog you've ever seen. How could you not have fun in an office where you get visits from Frank?

In all seriousness, I have learned so much these past few months. School is starting again soon, so my summer internship is drawing to a close, but I am truly thankful for the opportunity I had to become a part of the JMAC team.

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