Jesus Is Goals

Drowning in the world for so long

My sins conniving with my past

To make sure I am drawn back in

Every time I seek a way out

Lost in the desire to be acknowledged

The immoral expectations of the world became my goals...

And with meeting those goals

I lost the feel of who I really was

The world belittled me and everything that concerns me

It used me, abused me, hurt me...

But who is to say I did not deserve it

I and everything about me became a priority

Misplaced in the need to be in control

I took matters into my own hands

I set traps that ended up hurting me even worse

But who is to say I did not see that coming

I was too hurt and blind to my selfishness that I forgot there was someone there all along

Stretching forth his hands to pull me out when I was drowning

He acknowledged the part of me the world made invisible

Reminding me constantly of who I really was, who I truly wanted to be

I let it slip my mind that someone was there for me patiently

Reminding me of my worth

Telling me what I truly deserved

Making me and all that concerns me a priority.

I cannot believe it took so long to see

Your endless supply of mercy and grace

It's sad that it took so long to say

Jesus you are Lord, you are life, you are goals, you are glory, you are honor, you are righteousness... help me lord to be for you, help me allow you to fulfil your purpose in my life.

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