It's Time to Embrace the "Thick Girl" Mentality
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It's Time to Embrace the "Thick Girl" Mentality

You've heard of the dad bod, now get ready for the thick girl.

It's Time to Embrace the "Thick Girl" Mentality
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Summer is upon us, which means there is going to be an endless struggle of "I can't go to the beach! I don't have abs!" or "I can't wear that bikini because it shows my back fat" or "I wish my summer body was better." Ladies and gentleman, this summer I think it is time we embrace the "thick girl" mentality.

Now, before you start judging and freaking out, let me explain. I am not promoting in any way an unhealthy diet and/or lack of exercise. I am not promoting eating McDonald's or Burger King for every meal (even though I would love to eat a delicious sausage, egg and cheese McMuffin like every morning). And I am definitely not promoting a lifestyle that will cause harm to an individual in any way, shape or form.

I am promoting body positivity!

As an athlete, I find myself to be very fit. I can run long distances, squat more than my body weight and almost do a pull-up! But, even as an athlete I sometimes find myself thinking, "Why don't I look better and feel comfortable with my body?" I workout constantly, eat as well as a school cafeteria — or my struggling culinary career — will allow, and am very healthy. So why, then, do I still question my body? This mindset of "I don't look good enough" can drive anyone body-crazy. This. Is. Not. OK.

Now, don't get me wrong, being conscious of your body and what it is telling you is important and healthy. If you eat one too many slices of pizza after watching six hours of Netflix and start to feel ill, that is definitely something to pay attention to. But, going body-crazy and meticulously counting calories, steps, ounces shed per day or even refusing your body sustenance in order to get that ideal beach bod is not OK.

This summer, I think it is time to embrace the "thick girl" mentality. The thick girl mentality is being comfortable with your body and not feeling guilty about taking a cheat day. And being a thick girl, or thick guy, doesn't necessarily mean literally being "thick" in whatever way you want to define that term.

The thick girl mentality works like this: say you see a girl (or dude) walking along the beach when you're chilling with your friends just enjoying the sun. This gorgeous female (or smashing devil) has what I like to describe as "a rockin' bod." You start to feel a little self-conscious; you don't have washboard abs or a thigh gap like that. At this moment, it is time to say, "F*ck it! I look bomb as heck!" This is the thick girl mentality.

Ladies: so you don't have a thigh gap? Who cares! Not having a thigh gap means that when you drop your fries they won't hit the ground. Always remember, less thighs = more fries! And if you're down because you feel like you don't have defined abs, just know that fit girls have rolls too.

Gentlemen: a little blue because you feel like you're muscles ain't as poppin' as Fergie's lip gloss? Honey, let me break it down for you one time: a lot of girls don't like the whole really big, super buff dude situation. You got muscles? Frick yeah! Your muscles aren't that defined? It's really OK ... hit the gym if you want to work out, or don't. Honey, it's your body: do what you want.

Body positivity is extremely important. Love the way you look. Embrace every wrinkle, roll, laugh line and stretch mark. If you don't like the way you look then do something about it, but don't get body-crazy. It's all about balance, my friends. Sometimes you eat a salad and work out and feel skinny and sometimes you eat six cupcakes and binge watch Netflix and feel bloated.

Everybody in every body is beautiful, and the thick girl mentality will add to this positive message. It's time to appreciate thick thighs and big butts and semi-toned-but-not-really-at-all-toned abs. Summer is a time to have fun and feel free, and when you learn to love your body in that way, everyone will follow suit.

Now, enjoy summer like never before, and in the words of Rupaul:

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