It's okay, to not feel okay

This poem was inspired by someone telling me that I should feel bad for being upset with my anixity, that I had no right to feel that way, as if I could control it.

We all hear it,

Every day,

That we shouldn’t be upset over something,

That there is someone in this world,

Who has it worse,

While yes that is true,

No matter how small compared to others problems,

They are still problems,

They are still hard ships,

We have the right to be upset,

To complain,

Because there is still a problem,

Just because it’s not the worst thing in the world,

It’s not any less significant,

So what that there are others with it worse,

So what if it’s not that bad,

It’s still there,

It’s still a problem,

It still hurts,

While we may be able to get up without help,

It doesn’t make it any less,

So what if its,

Just something small,

That you can fix by yourself,

We shouldn’t have to feel guilt,

For saying it’s a problem to us,

No matter how small or big,

A problem is a problem,

Pain is pain,

While some suffer worse than us,

We should feel not guilt for our own small pain.

We should not be told that our pain is nothing,

That we should be happy,

Because there are people with it worse,

Yes there people with it worse,

Yes they are seen,

No I will not feel guilty for having something small to them,

Everyone has different level of pain tolerant,

For any sort of pain,

To them it may be an ant hill they would be willing to take,

But to others it may be a mountain,

That they are unsure if they can bear,

And it’s alright,

And they should not feel a bit of guilt,

Or be told they should,

We all have our own strengths and weaknesses,

We all have different problems and pains,

And just because anthers is worse,

Do ours burden us any less.

So its okay to not be okay.

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