It Is Our Right To Vote
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It Is Our Right To Vote

Voting is one of the most important aspects of our democracy. With the upcoming presidential election coming up, it is the upmost importance to register and exercise our voting right.

It Is Our Right To Vote

Voting is one of the most integral aspects of democracy and our country. Being apart of the lowest percentage of the voting population, it is up to us to take advantage of our right to express our views and opinions along with changing our country for the better. With the presidential election coming up quickly, knowing the importance of voting and the deadline to register is incredibly important.

In the 2018 midterms, voter turnout for the 18-29 age group increased to 39% - still too low for anybody to be proud of it. Voting has been an integral part of American culture and society. Since Elementary school, we have been apart of voting with the mock presidential voting in classrooms, which is used as a projection to the actual results. Despite being drilled on how important voting is, our age group still decides to not turn out for voting despite how easy registration and voting truly are. By participating in elections, local, state, and federal, you are actively making the change in our country. Change is always needed in a democracy, politics is ever-evolving and our voice is needed for it to evolve to what we want. This upcoming presidential election is one of the most important in American history and the most important in our history. Our voice and vote are needed more than ever in November to make the change we want and desire in the White House and our country.

Voting registration deadlines depend on the state you live in. This website tells you the breakdown of the deadlines per state including if your home state allows registration on election day, along with by mail and online. Registering to vote is as easy as inputting your information online and receiving your voter registration card in the mail. If you are unable to register online, you can even register in person or via mail, as stated before. There is no excuse for you to say if you cannot vote if you are of age and have all of the proper documentation and requirements to do so. It is just as easy as folding a piece of paper in half.

Our country was founded on democracy and the ability to vote for a leader. By taking ahold of our right to vote in local, state, and federal elections we have a direct say on who our leaders will be. This is the season for change, and we have the perfect opportunity right on our fingertips. November lets exercise our right to vote, and the many elections after the presidential election to show the change we want.

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