Journal On Odyssey 3:

This is an uncomfortable question for me, I'm not sure if you can relate but with the last post from this reflection series, I've begun to feel tense and uneasy. Being forced me to ponder what I considered my dream job, although I'm not being forced in any way. Still, I think I did a decent job avoiding the topic. I even made a point to joke about working a laundromat for a spell, guiding the post to an awkward ending.

This may be the benefit of this exercise, tackling questions I'm prone to avoid then forcing me to go deeper. What is your dream job, and is it attainable?

I guess now's the time I question the notion of what a dream job is. When I was younger and now still you can say. I dreamt of being a recording artist, that's actually the professional name for a singer. I remember trying to make being a "singer" sound more professional when I was a child. The point was I was obsessed. Googling every new artist to see their background, how they started and how old they were just to make sure I still had enough time.

However, life got in the way while I was busy pushing my dream to the side. I trying to pursue the one thing, job, career or skill that would give me enough financial support to eventually commit to the dream. But that's not how it works, what I didn't think about is the fact that no matter what you're working towards it takes time, effort and your energy. And that all adds up and when you look back you find that you've been building up this new persona. One that encompasses all that work you've done and that experience you've gained. It becomes a part of you, and that dream you've neglected grows more foreign, different then who you are now.

As you grow and get older, life gets more complex. You gain more responsibility, learn new things and your dreams, they grow with you. Now my dream is to build my ideal life. Which isn't your traditional nine to five and two bedroom home with a white picket fence. I want to push myself and build a business that gives me freedom. Freedom to work from home, while having control of my income and time to work on passion projects. Like writing, recording and traveling.

To me this dream is more than attainable. Since, at least now there's no more shying about, no more pontificating what I should be doing. I've grown more confident with myself and my abilities. What I want out of life finally aligns with resources and I'm comfortable to be working towards my dream. It's what makes me comfortable and brings me happiness, so I'm going for it.

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