Here at Rutgers University, we are the real RU school, and there is a lot of evidence of this on campus. For instance, one of our most famous campus foods, the Fat Sandwich, is found at an eatery called RU Hungry. However, that's not the only thing on campus at Rutgers University.

There is a more famous one, that almost every Rutgers student has experienced: the RU Screw.

What is the RU Screw? It's kind of exactly as it sounds. When something related to Rutgers doesn't quite go your way, we like to say that you've been RU Screwed. Some examples may include but are not limited to: having an exam on a weekend, getting an entire course canceled, receiving a parking ticket when the website to buy a pass was down... the list goes on.

However, not every unfortunate event can be considered an RU Screw. I hear a lot of people categorize everything bad that happens to them as an RU Screw. In reality, you're probably just unlucky.

You missed your bus and was late to class? Not an RU Screw, you just didn't give yourself enough time.

You didn't get to live in the Livi Apartments as a sophomore? Come on, upperclassmen need some privileges too.

Getting sick after eating Brower sushi? What did you expect?

Most cases of the RU screw are nothing more than students refusing to acknowledge their own misdoings or poor fortune. Many times, your problems are not our college's fault.

The RU Screw is not a term that should be loosely thrown around. Perhaps talking about it and misusing the term in itself is bad luck. How can we ever expect to unscrew RU if we refuse to take responsibilities for our own Rutgers related misfortunes?