Is Reality A Dream?

Dreams can be filled with whimsy, fantasy, and sometimes terror. However, in the phenomenon of REM sleep, the subconscious can often make dreams feel like reality to the point where it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the real world and the dream realm. Some people may even have vague memories that were dreams. The idea that the real world and the dream realm have blurred lines between them lead to the philosophical question, “Can we prove that reality is not a dream?” The technical answer is no. There is not a way to completely refute the idea the world people perceive as reality may just be a dream realm the subconscious has created. There is no certainty that reality is a dream though.

The line between dreams and reality become blurred only when the host of the dreams is unconscious, whether it be in a lucid dreaming state, a daydreaming state, or a REM dreaming state. During this time, the brain is not as active. The host of the dreams never takes time in his or her dream to ask questions how something is happening or why it is going on. The dreamer lets fantastical events happen without inquiry. A Godzilla-esque scenario could happen and while scientifically and statistically, this probably would not happen, the dreamer would not question it or even think about it. The subconscious is in control of all actions and thought. When the conscious starts being fully active again the dreamer becomes aware of his or her surroundings and starts to question why and how while also simultaneously becoming aware that a dream just happened. Self-awareness is proof that reality may not be a dream. The ability to control one’s own thoughts and actions and the ability to question are not capabilities the dream realm allows easily or without practice.

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