40 Things To Do Instead Of Talking About Trump

40 Things To Do Instead Of Talking About Trump

I'd rather do all these things than hear one more coffee shop argument about the president elect.

PC: Jens Johnsson

Yes I see the irony here... But honestly, let’s talk about anything else. It was a rough Tuesday guys, but all this Trump talk is rotting away my soul. I need happy distraction. I’m writing this article as an avid Hillary fan, and in deep fear of our racist, sexist, homophobic president elect, and even I need a break. So everyone, treat yo selves and here are 40 things you can do instead of talking politics.

1. Talk about puppies

2. Waste your life away on BuzzFeed.com

3. Watch this video

4. Watch this video

5. Eat cookies

6. Binge watch stranger things while eating cookies

7. Eat too much ice cream

8. Cry

9. Train for a marathon

10. Run a marathon

11. Cry again

12. Listen to music

13. Write music

14. Play the ukulele

15. Smash a ukulele

16. Put your hand on a hot stove

17. Slam your face into a wall

18. Repair the wall

19. Bandage up your hand

20. Draw on your cast

21. Have your friends draw on your cast

22. Pretend you're in middle school again and buy scrunchies

23. Realize you're an adult and need to do adult things

24. Do your laundry

25. Make a healthy dinner

26. Go on a date

27. Eat cake because you deserve it

28. Write a book

29. Publish the book

30. Become a best selling author

31. Travel the world

32. Marry James Franco

33. Adopt a french bulldog

34. Star in a TV show about spontaneous drunk headstands in public

35. Get caught up in a lawsuit because you were publicly intoxicated

36. Get your life together

37. Move to Canada and never tell anyone you're American


38. Become an activist

39. Don't just complain. DO something.

40. Sign the petition

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