Do 90% of Bernie Supporters Really Plan on Voting for Hillary Clinton?
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Do 90% of Bernie Supporters Really Plan on Voting for Hillary Clinton?

NO, and here's why:

Do 90% of Bernie Supporters Really Plan on Voting for Hillary Clinton?

I want to address a very interesting narrative that has been going on in the mainstream media. When you turn on CNN, NBC and other major TV news networks, you see them saying 90 percent of Bernie supporters will vote for Hillary Clinton this fall.I know what all of you are thinking, because it's the same thing I thought which was: "WHAT?" I didn't buy it and I know many of you whether you're a Bernie, a Hillary and Trump or a Jill Stein supporter didn't buy it either. CNN has been known to manipulate their polls to favor Hillary. I immediately had to get to the bottom of it so, I decided to do some investigating of my own. What I discovered is that members of CNN are some sneaky little rascals.

What I want to make clear is that CNN did not just pull those numbers out of the air. Those numbers are based off of actual polling data. Although CNN did use polling data, to come to that conclusion, that poll is incredibly misleading and is a flat out lie. Before I explain why their poll is misleading and is a flat out lie, I want to ask you this: Do you really think that if 90 percent of Bernie supporters were planning on voting for Hillary, that the media would make such a big deal about Bernie supporters falling in line and voting for Hillary? Of course not. If 90 percent of Bernie supporters really planned on voting for Hillary, the Bernie or Bust group would be irrelevant and would not be enough to sway the election one way or the other. Hillary would win by a large margin if that were the case. In fact, the media's worries about the Bernie or Bust group contradicts their poll that 90 percent of Bernie supporters will vote for Hillary

Right now you must be really confused. You must be thinking "If the narrative that "90 percent of Bernie supporters will vote for Hillary Clinton" is based off of actually polling data, how is what they are saying manipulative and a flat out lie? Well the answers are in the poll itself. The poll that these mainstream media sites are siting are multiple polls that only include two options when asking Bernie supporters: "who will you vote for in the general election?" These are are Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Some of you may have noticed what the issue is immediately. For those of you who don't, the only options in this poll are Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Those who participating in this poll had no other option besides those two candidates. Now I'm sure many of you are outraged and want to dismiss the poll completely, but you shouldn't do that. There are some truths to that poll, but just not the truths you think or what the media cares to portray. This is somewhat good for Hillary but not really. What this poll actually shows is that only 10 percent of Bernie supporters will vote for the antichrist Donald Trump. I'm not here to tell you who to vote for because you're all adults; But I will say any Bernie supporters who are planning on voting Trump are hypocrites. While Hillary and Bernie are VERY different and Hillary is a HORRIBLE candidate, Donald Trump is the opposite of Bernie and is the antichrist. Now this is not an endorsement of Hillary by me. I have no plans on voting for Hillary. I will be voting for Jill Stein this fall. If you choose to vote for Hillary, that's up to you. If you choose to vote for a third party candidate, that's up to you. If you choose to vote for Donald Trump and you're a Bernie supporter, that up to you but no matter how you attempt to justify it, it's hypocritical.

Now back to the issue on hand, what do the actual polls say? How many Bernie supported actually plan on voting for Hillary? Well, in polls that include all of the candidates, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Write in Bernie and not vote, just over 50 percent of Bernie supporters said they will vote for Hillary. Now that's a HUGE difference and very bad news for Hillary for several reasons. One reason why this is very bad for Hillary is because in reality, voters have more than two options in the general election. Bernie supporters know that. Even if they didn't know that, not voting is an option whether you like it or not.

Another reason why Hillary is in big trouble is because in April, just under 25 percent of Bernie supporters were Bernie or Bust. By late May, that number grew to 35 percent. After the FBI investigation conclusion along with wiki leaks revealing what many Bernie supporters had already known that the election was rigged in Hillary's favor, the Bernie or Bust group has ballooned to nearly 50 percent of his supporters. The Bernie or Bust group isn't shrinking and his supporters aren't falling in line, the group has grown larger. Hillary's VP pick of Tim Kaine along with appointing Debbie Wasserman Schultz her honorary campaign chair after her role in rigging the election has been revealed certainly does not help her cause. It is a slap in the face of all Bernie supporters Her support amongst Bernie supporters is diminishing and her unfavorable numbers are rising. That is not a good sign at all. Hillary is doing everything she can to lose this election.

I will repeat this again, I have no intention on telling you who you should vote for. My job is to be honest with you. Don't let anyone tell you to fall in line and vote for lesser evil candidate. It is not your job to be loyal to a party and automatically give them your vote. It is the party's job to go out and earn your vote. Go vote for whoever you felt earned your vote whether or not you believe they have a chance at winning. That's what democracy is about. I will make sure you are informed about every candidate good and bad, right and wrong. When Hillary says or does something right, I will write about it. When Donald Trump says or does something right, I will write about it. When Hillary does something stupid or wrong I will criticize her for it. When Donald Trump does something stupid or wrong, I will criticize him for it.

Unlike the TV media, I will also write about the third party candidates and their platforms. As a journalist, my job is for me to tell you the facts and it's up to you to do whatever you want with them. Anything else is journalist malpractice. That's the reason I haven't watched the news in about three years. That's when I started realizing what the mainstream media is doing. I refuse to do that. re They are lying to you. Love it or hate it, I will give you the facts. If you don't want facts, go listen to Fox News.

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