Polaroids: The Comeback Of Instant Film

Polaroids: The Comeback Of Instant Film

Take a step back in time and embrace the resurgence of instant film.

Polaroids are no longer considered to be history. While the inception of instant film occurred in the late 1940's, instant cameras are making a comeback into circulation.

Instant cameras entail exactly what their name alludes to, the photo is captured and instantly prints from the device itself. Urban Outfitters was one of the first brands to bring back instant cameras and start the trend. Recently even Victoria Secret Angels have jumped on the polaroid bandwagon. Now, popular camera brands, such as Fujifilm, offer multi-colored or vintage inspired instant film cameras that utilize the technology invented "back in the day".

Similarly to the mid 1900s, instant cameras need to be refilled with film that costs roughly $1 per photo. Instant cameras were used as one of the first forms of photography where people could take personal pictures and see them appear instantly, but digital cameras and cell phones have become the primary means for capturing photos in the present.

With the popularity of social media and editing for the flawless post, instant film brings back the idea of taking pictures as keepsakes. Instant film is a special way to capture moments due to their imperfections. Polaroid film begs to be written on. Just by using a marker and film, memories and dates can be jotted down on the bottom of the film.

Because of the importance of each picture, polaroids inspire users to not care about if they were smiling perfect or if their hair looks like a mess. This form of photography captures a moment in time and abandons concerns with making a shot perfect.

One of my New Year's resolutions was to focus more on capturing moments as opposed to being the girl constantly Snapchatting and Instagramming every moment of my life. My instant film camera has done just that, causing me to put down my iPhone and instead focus on capturing polaroids to remember special moments.

These cameras have been modernized not only in terms of their appearance, but also the accessories that can make polaroids even more trendy. Amazon carries a variety of instant camera gear including leather cases formed to the unique shape of instant cameras, various patterned film options, photo albums to fit polaroid film, film stickers for decoration, and lenses that can be easily installed onto the camera to take color tinted photos or even selfies.

Decorating a space with the polaroids is a simple way to display your photos while adding a trendy flair to the space. Clothes pins, yarn, and polaroids are the perfect match when strung across any wall.

While the film is costly, sharing polaroids that are taken with friends is another advantage of having an instant film camera. The response to any concerns with film expenses is simply Amazon.com and ordering in bulk.

For those not willing to take the leap back in time, polaroid printers are sold to produce the same classic white rectangle an instant camera prints. Instead of using a separate camera, photos can be sent from a cell phone to the instant polaroid printer which creates a polaroid copy.

The increasing popularity of instant cameras in the past few years has brought back an appreciation for an older technology that has evolved into a more modern package. While the technology remains unchanged, the new spin on polaroids make them a fun way to capture moments. Investing in a instant camera may even cause you to appreciate photography in a different light.

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Cover Image Credit: Crutchfield

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10 Things That Have Made Me Cry For No Reason

Sometimes it's the little things that get you feeling emotional.

Let me start this off by saying: everyone cries!

That's not a shocker, but some people are just better at hiding their emotions than others. Now, I find myself to be someone who is not necessarily afraid of crying but is only comfortable crying in the comfort of his own home with nobody else there.

Recently I was at the movie theater watching "Love Simon" (great movie, by the way), and everyone else was crying! I wanted to cry so badly, but alas, my body refuses to give in even though I do get pretty close to bawling.

That being said, I actually cry a lot in private.

Really trivial and nonsensical things make me tear up and after I'm done having my little moment, I just take a second to try and process why I'm even crying, to begin with. Looking back though, it's actually pretty funny to remember some examples of when I've cried for no reason, so without further ado, here are ten things that have made me cry!

1. "No Promises" by Cheat Codes ft. Demi Lovato.

I can't even explain why this happened. This is a dance song, but maybe the lyrics (which are kind of sad) got to me on an off day. Who knows, but I was in the car just crying on my way to school with no explanation why.

2. When I found my favorite protein drink at Walmart.

OK, let me explain! So, this drink is by no means healthy for you (at least I think so), but it is oddly delicious and my favorite. Seriously, I can drink the entire four pack in less than 30 minutes. I had spent months trying to find it at my local Walmart until I eventually realized that I was looking in the wrong aisle because they had moved it! When I found it, I actually got teary-eyed. It's not my proudest moment, but I felt great for finally finding them.

3. When I was walking to another point of my job halfway through my shift.

So there I was, a server at the time, walking from one computer station to a table nearby and I get the strongest urge to cry. There was no reason for it. None of the customers were being mean and the day was going alright, but for whatever reason, I just wanted to cry and run out that door. Maybe a fellow server would understand because I really hated that job.

4. Whenever I rewatch "Friends."

I pretty much have a period of time every year in which I rewatch "Friends." I already know what's going to happen and I know the dialogue of the scenes pretty well too, but I still cry every time when Rachel and Ross initially break up. I cry when Monica and Chandler find out they're finally going to be able to adopt a baby. I cry when Phoebe gets married. I cry at the finale! Point is: I cry. Somehow this show is so infectious that even though I know the result, I still cry.

5. When I find out that the leftover food I was looking forward to having has been eaten.

I mean I was looking forward to it! There's nothing better than coming home and enjoying a good meal, but now that it's been eaten I have to find out what to eat! It's nice to not have to worry or think about things when you get home, that's all I'm saying! Also, THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR ME. HOW DARE YOU!

6. When my little brother passed me in height.

I have an immense amount of pride that stems from my Hispanic roots and also being the oldest sibling. When I was growing up, I wanted to at least reach my father's height, but I just barely missed it. Then, my little brother has a growth spurt and somehow passed me and then my father! How dare he!

I didn't necessarily cry my heart out or anything, but boy was I feeling some sort of way at that time. Still not sure why I cried though.

7. "Castle On The Hill" by Ed Sheeran.

Nostalgia hit me hard. I mean, I still think it's a little weird to cry to this song because it's not exactly sad and not exactly a dance bop, but I still found a way to cry. Personally, I think I just pay attention to the lyrics so when he goes off listing everything that's happened to the people he knew (that's where it always gets me), I just cry. Call me emotional, I don't know, but I love this song.

8. Whenever I watch a flash mob marriage proposal.

I kid you not, I have a list of songs on my phone that I will play at my wedding or propose to someone with via flash mob. I'm a romantic so seeing a flashmob dance proposal is both impressive and immensely adorable. If you've seen the video of a man proposing to his girlfriend at Disney to "Marry You" by Bruno Mars, then you understand.

9. When I want to go out with friends but also simultaneously stay inside and do nothing.

Can you tell that I like to stress myself out? This situation is so annoying! I get to the point where I'm crying out of pure frustration and stress because I'm basically trying to make up my mind, but my mind wants to do both things! It's a struggle, guys. It's a struggle.

10. When I watch any episode of "Grey's Anatomy."

This one makes a little more sense because "Grey's Anatomy" is probably one of the most depressing but amazing shows that I watch; however, HOW ARE THEY ALWAYS DOING IT?!

Sometimes, it's not even that sad of a moment, but yet there I go, about to bawl my eyes out and decide to never leave my room. The show is constantly reminding you of how unattractive, lonely, and unsuccessful you are. Fellow Grey's Anatomy fans will definitely understand where I'm coming from.

It's just ridiculous how they do it.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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5 Of The Most Binge-worthy Shows On Netflix

Your guide to hours of great shows.

Binging on Netflix is a way of life. Nothing is better than wasting a day watching your favorite shows. Here are my five favorite shows to binge on Netflix.

1. "Gossip Girl"

No matter how many times I watch this show it never gets old. It has an interesting storyline and loveable characters. These two qualities make it a very binge-worthy show. Also, let's be real who doesn't love looking at hours of extravagant events and fabulous outfits?!

2. "90210"

A show that is filled with drama, comedic moments, intriguing storylines, and lots of love triangles it is so easy to say you're just going to watch one episode and then all of a sudden you have finished a whole season in one sitting.

3. "The Office"

With funny episodes that are guaranteed to make you laugh and a variety of memorable characters, The Office is a perfect show to binge on a sick day or when you just need to forget about life for a bit.

4. "Orange Is The New Black"

This show is entertaining but also thought-provoking. The storylines and the characters make you want to watch more while also giving an interesting insight into America's prison system.

5. "Riverdale"

While there is only one season of this show on Netflix right now. The shows constant twists and turns make it so easy to watch every episode on Netflix in one sitting!

What are some of your favorite shows to binge on Netflix?

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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