Polaroids: The Comeback Of Instant Film
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Polaroids: The Comeback Of Instant Film

Take a step back in time and embrace the resurgence of instant film.

Polaroids: The Comeback Of Instant Film

Polaroids are no longer considered to be history. While the inception of instant film occurred in the late 1940's, instant cameras are making a comeback into circulation.

Instant cameras entail exactly what their name alludes to, the photo is captured and instantly prints from the device itself. Urban Outfitters was one of the first brands to bring back instant cameras and start the trend. Recently even Victoria Secret Angels have jumped on the polaroid bandwagon. Now, popular camera brands, such as Fujifilm, offer multi-colored or vintage inspired instant film cameras that utilize the technology invented "back in the day".

Similarly to the mid 1900s, instant cameras need to be refilled with film that costs roughly $1 per photo. Instant cameras were used as one of the first forms of photography where people could take personal pictures and see them appear instantly, but digital cameras and cell phones have become the primary means for capturing photos in the present.

With the popularity of social media and editing for the flawless post, instant film brings back the idea of taking pictures as keepsakes. Instant film is a special way to capture moments due to their imperfections. Polaroid film begs to be written on. Just by using a marker and film, memories and dates can be jotted down on the bottom of the film.

Because of the importance of each picture, polaroids inspire users to not care about if they were smiling perfect or if their hair looks like a mess. This form of photography captures a moment in time and abandons concerns with making a shot perfect.

One of my New Year's resolutions was to focus more on capturing moments as opposed to being the girl constantly Snapchatting and Instagramming every moment of my life. My instant film camera has done just that, causing me to put down my iPhone and instead focus on capturing polaroids to remember special moments.

These cameras have been modernized not only in terms of their appearance, but also the accessories that can make polaroids even more trendy. Amazon carries a variety of instant camera gear including leather cases formed to the unique shape of instant cameras, various patterned film options, photo albums to fit polaroid film, film stickers for decoration, and lenses that can be easily installed onto the camera to take color tinted photos or even selfies.

Decorating a space with the polaroids is a simple way to display your photos while adding a trendy flair to the space. Clothes pins, yarn, and polaroids are the perfect match when strung across any wall.

While the film is costly, sharing polaroids that are taken with friends is another advantage of having an instant film camera. The response to any concerns with film expenses is simply Amazon.com and ordering in bulk.

For those not willing to take the leap back in time, polaroid printers are sold to produce the same classic white rectangle an instant camera prints. Instead of using a separate camera, photos can be sent from a cell phone to the instant polaroid printer which creates a polaroid copy.

The increasing popularity of instant cameras in the past few years has brought back an appreciation for an older technology that has evolved into a more modern package. While the technology remains unchanged, the new spin on polaroids make them a fun way to capture moments. Investing in a instant camera may even cause you to appreciate photography in a different light.

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