I'm very BIG into girl power! Thank you to all my besties that don't judge me for being a mess and are all about being an independent GAL!

​1. @empowerpuffgurl​

GURL POWER! I love to see girl boss quotes or encouragement on my timeline!!!

2. @nurxapp

They prescribe and deliver birth control and PrEP to your door! Who doesn't love afforable bith control and postive sex education?

3. @talkspace

Talkspace is an online and mobile therapy company based in New York City. Their Instagram feed is basically quotes and thoughts focusing on mental health help and stability.

4. @cecile.dormeau

French illustrator talking about relatable everyday happenings of being a woman.

5. @iskra

A true girl boss who's an Aerie model!!!

6. @careercontessa

A digital career platform for women.

7. @girlboss


WE LOVE A GIRL BOSS! Girls freakin' RULE!!!