Eight Reasons To Be Excited For Inner Monologue Part 2
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8 Reasons To Get Excited For 'Inner Monologue Part 2'

Get excited for one of the best albums to be released this year.

8 Reasons To Get Excited For 'Inner Monologue Part 2'

Julia Michaels is one of my favorite artists of all time. She is one of the humans that I love most in the world, one of my best friends and one of my biggest inspirations. She is a shine of brightness for so many of us that live in such a dark world, and her words make a difference in everyone's life.

In July of 2017, Julia Michaels took the world by storm when she released her very first EP called "Nervous System." It featured six songs that Julia felt were too personal to be sung by anyone else - and I am so happy she felt that way.

Of the six songs, "Don't Wanna Think" was the very first I heard that made me fall deeper in love with the sound, the lyrics, and the soul that Julia Michaels embodies. Julia made me feel like I wasn't alone in the midst of what felt like a thousand losses and breakdowns. Julia made me think that I would be okay.

I haven't been shy about my love for Julia. Writing two articles on "Inner Monologue Part 1", in March and April, I told Julia what the EP meant to me. I told her how much I appreciated her being so vulnerable with her emotions and struggles with love, heartbreak, depression, and anxiety - especially in the song, "Anxiety." In April, at the Chicago Inner Monologue Tour show, I sobbed in Julia's arms as she walked over to hug me during my favorite lyrics, screaming at the top of my lungs about all the people I hate, the feeling of being sad, and that feeling of hating someone.

Julia makes you feel something.

On June 6th, Julia tweeted her official announcement of the release of "Inner Monologue Part 2".

"Inner Monologue Part 2" is going to have eight songs, a totaled fourteen with "Inner Monologue Part One."

Julia has been teasing lyrics and descriptions of the second part of the album for weeks, which has made everyone antsy to hear what the new songs will sound like, especially in the upcoming September, October, and November tour dates.

Out of all the reasons that you should be excited for "Inner Monologue Part 2," I am going to name eight reasons as to why you should be ready to save, download, and buy the album as soon as June 28th comes.

1. Eight Songs.


I couldn't handle listening to one song without sobbing in the middle of a sociology lecture ... now, I have to listen to eight.

2. Inner Monologue Part 1 was so amazing.

I don't think I have to elaborate on this. IM1 was so inspiring and moving and amazing and wonderful and every positive affirmation in the dictionary. Julia made so many of us feel loved and inspired and f*cking happy. I will never be able to express how much those songs mean to me and how much I loved getting to sing with my best friends in the whole world at every concert.

3. IM2 is going to have a "chill" vibe.

Julia tweeted that "Inner Monologue Part 2" is going to have a chill vibe - not as much screaming as "Inner Monologue Part 1," but definitely dancing and singing along.

4. IM2 has songs that you're going to love to sing to your exes and about the boys you're falling for.

Julia posted a video on Instagram in February of her singing a song on her ukulele with the lyrics, "I have an affinity for guys with big lips who treat me like shit, who only want my hips when it's convenient for them, people I can fix and leave when they're good again, I keep falling for boys and mistaking them for men."

On Friday, Julia quoted lyrics on a tweet and used the hashtag, #fallingforboys. Julia also said that the song is going to be fun, and "lyrically sad, but you can bop ;)".

5. One song, in particular, is going to get you, and it's going to get you good.

I tweeted, "that sounds like there's going to be a lot of tears, ma'am." and Julia said that there is going to be a song that really gets you. Julia also tweeted that there is a song that's called "****" that's about how we are meanest to ourselves.

I think I'm going to have an emotional breakdown to that one. No one is surprised.

6. Julia isn't trying to make "mainstream" music.

Julia Michaels is known for her lyrics and genre being something of their own. Unlike pop music that follows an upbeat tempo and lyrics that are overwhelmingly superficial, Julia writes lyrics that are vulnerable and make everyone relate in a different way. It's not the traditional bubblegum pop that follows the history of pop music has become or the pop-rock that everyone seems to look over. Julia writes music that means something - whether that follows the status quo or not.

7. Julia writes music for us - lyrics that will make us feel something.

It's no surprise that Julia Michaels has a growing platform. Julia's music is known for the emotion and rawness of her voice and lyrics - and as I've repeatedly said - the vulnerability that she shares with the audience and whoever is listening. Julia is very open with us; she shares that the music she makes is for anyone that is listening, that is accepting, that is loving it in their own way, that is making it their own.

8. It's Julia FREAKING Michaels.

It's JULIA. "Inner Monologue Part 2" is going to be incredible, simply because she made it.

Until "Inner Monologue Part 2" releases in one week, here are ways that you can support Julia Michaels and be up to date with her (she has a tendency to surprise us with early releases)!

Stream/Download/Buy "Inner Monologue Part 1" here:

Inner Monologue Pt. 1 EP

Inner Monologue Pt. 1 EPjuliamichaels.lnk.to

Follow Julia Michaels' social media!

Twitter/Instagram: @juliamichaels


I am so freaking excited to listen to "Inner Monologue Part 2." We all are.

It's going to be a wave of emotion, excitement, anticipation and maybe a bit of anxiety, but it's almost here and it's going to be so worth it.

I can't wait to hear you sing these new songs and have so many gems hugging you and singing along with you, because you know we are all going to be screaming with you. We're all best friends and we're doing this together.

I can't wait to sing with you, again. ;)

Love you always,


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