Incoming college freshman are totally worried sick and stressed out about everything. Of course, it is scary moving away from home and having so much responsibility all of a sudden. But a lot of the things they worry about before getting to school end up not being a problem at all. College is one of the best experiences someone can have, and once you're there the worries start to filter away. I know I was scared about coming to college, but I soon realized I had nothing to worry about.

Here are 10 things most incoming freshman stress out about but really shouldn't dwell on.

1. You WILL make friends, I promise.

Its nearly impossible to not make friends. Everyone around you is also trying to meet people and there is always someone to talk to.

2. The dorm isn't going to be spotless, but it adds to the experience.

Your dorm will probably be a little gross and the communal bathrooms can be rough. But it's a great place to meet people in your hallway.

3. As long as you go to class, you will pass.

If you go to class, listen, and take notes you won't have an issue passing. Most professors just want to see your face regularly.

4. If you participate in something, you'll meet people.

Groups, clubs, greek life, they are all things to consider when coming to college. They're great for meeting people and feeling like your part of something.

5. You don't have to be friends with everyone you meet.

Don't think you have to be friends with everyone, you meet more and more people everyday. In a place like this, you get to chose who you want to spend time with.

6. Random roommates usually aren't that bad.

Random roommates can be terrifying, but remember they are in the same boat as you. Just wanting to make friends and start a new chapter. Plus, if they are bad, you can always move rooms.

7. You have so much going on in college, you barely have time to get homesick.

In college there is always something going on and something to take part in. Being away from home is hard for the first couple of months but you soon realize you're to busy to think about it to much.

8. Don't worry about money, it comes and goes.

Money is money. It doesn't last forever, so save it or spend it, but keep it in mind.

9. The freshmen 15 is real but it happens to everyone.

Everyone around you is also gaining the weight, so don't feel bad about it.

10. If you don't like your major, you can always change it.

Worrying about your major is common, nobody really knows what they want to do. But if it isn't something you like you can always change it.

College can be scary, but for the most part, it always works out in the end. Don't worry about things you can't control, and just go have the time or your life four those 4 years. They're the best 4 years of your life.