In Defense Of Chris Christie
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In Defense Of Chris Christie

Everyone's fifth-favorite Republican candidate is in a bit of hot water this week, and for no good reason.

In Defense Of Chris Christie
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While in New Hampshire campaigning for President, Chris Christie was assaulted with an unexpected question from the audience. A student who claimed to have friends in New Jersey asked why Governor Christie wasn't in New Jersey dealing with power outages and flooding resulting from last weekend's winter storm.

Christie, clearly taken aback that someone had a friend in New Jersey, responded with the perfectly reasonable, "Do you want me to go down there with a mop?" Now, the lamestream media has twisted this into Christie being insensitive and showing little care for his home state. I am here to defend him.

First, this wasn't a spur-of-the-moment outburst by Christie. Prior to answering this outlandish question, he checked with his aides to see if there were any bridges between New Jersey and New Hampshire that he could close. When he was told there wasn't, he quickly looked around to see if there were any teachers he could punch in the face. Finding none, he offered up an exasperated, "Do you want me to go down there with a mop?"

The unobservant may fail to notice that Christie is slightly overweight. Clearly, the campaign trail is taking its toll on him. Did the people in the audience really expect this man to campaign for President and take care of his home state at the same time? In his already weakened state?

You could see in his eyes at the moment that the question was asked that Christie forgot where New Jersey was. He looked like he forgot that New Jersey existed. And can you blame him? This poor man has spent five out of every nine days out of New Jersey. How could he send aid to a place he's rarely seen for a whole year?

Besides, as Christie himself said, the lieutenant governor was in Cape May County the day after, and that the state government was working on damage assessment and granting loans to businesses affected. Right! It's not like the people who live there said that this storm was worse than "Superstorm" Sandy that devastated the state in 2012! This damage can totally be handled by the state government in a few days! Good for you, Governor!

Christie is unfairly drawing comparisons to Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan. Governor Snyder cut costs by replacing the pipes in the city of Flint with pipes lined with unsafe amounts of lead. To compare Christie to Snyder is completely over the line. There is no reason to compare these two men whose actions may very well lead to the deaths of many civilians. Snyder, unlike Christie, put the lives of the people in Flint at risk by actually doing something.

The actions of New Jersey Senator Cory Booker further proved Christie correct in his lack of action. Following the storm, Senator Booker traveled to Camden, New Jersey, a city referred to as "The Murder Capital of America". What did he do? He helped shovel people out! Which is nice and all, but Senator Booker has yet to receive one vote for President of the United States. Clearly, this "actually helping people" strategy is a losing one, and I applaud Governor Christie for campaigning for the job he wants rather than doing the job he has.

So to the people who have started a GoFundMe campaign to buy Governor Christie a mop, I say: don't take this out of proportion. Snowstorm Jonas exposed nothing. This storm did not prove that Christie really doesn't care about New Jersey; it didn't prove that he only wants the White House.

He did that himself a long time ago.

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