6 Ways To Keep Your Mental Health Good In 2020
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6 Ways To Keep Your Mental Health In Check For 2020

Start treating yourself the way you would treat your very best friend.

6 Ways To Keep Your Mental Health In Check For 2020
Emily Maiello

There are so many resources all around us that we can use to improve our mental health. Take advantage of all of the amazing things available to us in 2020 — start treating yourself the way you would treat your very best friend.

You are what you listen to

I forget about podcasts sometimes, but when I come back to them, I am never disappointed. Next time you are on a walk or getting ready for your day or drinking your coffee, tune into a podcast that interests you. There is so much we can learn from each other, and podcasts are an amazing way to listen to other people's wisdom, advice, and funny stories. Right now, I have been completely absorbed by Sadie Robertson's podcast, the "WHOA That's Good" podcast.

Find apps that encourage you throughout the day

Most of the apps on my phone, like most people, are related to social media. Snapchat, Instagram, VSCO, you name it. I recently came to realize that there is so much more out there that we can (and should) use to our advantage. I have come upon the Motivation - Daily Quotes app that allows users to set times for notifications to receive inspirational quotes at your toughest times of the day. Make motivation a regular part of your day.

Create a judgment-free zone for yourself

Writing in a journal is the perfect space for you to talk uninterrupted with no worries about what others will say. Everyone should have the ability to speak without judging themselves. You might not always stand by the things you write in your journal, but that is okay because it is for your eyes alone. Write down the things that are clouding your thoughts for clarity. Write down the things that made you laugh today for relief on a sadder day. Write down anything and everything that crosses your mind, and do not be ashamed of your own voice.

Let music turn your mood around

Music can be absolutely transformative if you listen to the right kind of music. Have you ever listened to a certain song that never fails to make you tap your foot, move to the beat, and smile? Seek more songs that will take your current mood and turn it on its head.

Making others happy will bring you happiness, too

True happiness comes from serving others. Often times we think that taking care of ourselves only will make us the happiest, but the truth is that making others happy will bring you happiness, too.

Remember the little things (and write them down, too)

Something I have done since middle school is what I like to call the happy jar. I have seen a lot of versions of this on Pinterest, but I like to keep it simple. Once a day, write one thing that made you smile that day on a scrap of paper. Date the piece of paper, fold it up, and throw it into your "happy jar." On a tougher day when it feels like nothing is going right, you will still find that there was at least one thing, no matter how small, that will make you smile.

The new year is only just beginning. Take control over your own happiness, and make kindness, towards yourself and towards others, the theme of your 2020.

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