10 Ways to improve your love life
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10 Actionable Steps To Take For An Improved Love Life

Now that it's February, let's talk about love and relationships!

10 Actionable Steps To Take For An Improved Love Life
Ashley Kosy

We all know the pictures we see on social media don't depict what actual relationships are like. Couples are always smiling, but they never show how love could be a reason to break the mind, soul, and heart of a human being. With a good attitude and an open mind, love can be a beautiful feeling. Here are five tips for all you couples out there, as well as another five tips for the single ladies and gentleman.

Trust your significant other 

Most couples struggle with trusting each other. Without trust, relationships would never last. So, have confidence that your lover will remain loyal to you. The only way to know that is to communicate and be honest with your emotions.

Communication is key 

Hiding your feelings and doubt can ruin your relationship. If you're worried about something then bring it up in a conversation. Talk conflicts out. Don't yell or use foul language. It's unnecessary. Why tell everyone else how you feel instead of your significant other when it's not even their business?

Accept he/she for who they are 

After the honeymoon phase, the smallest things can annoy you. Don't let the little things change the way you feel about him/her. You learn to accept it and if you can't...it's time to call it quits. Keep in mind you're never in a relationship to change someone, but it's different to want to better them every day. For example, motivating your significant other to be the best he/she can be because you know they are capable of succeeding.

Learn how to compromise 

Now that you're in a relationship, not everything is about you. Decisions should be made together to ensure that you both are on the same page. Don't get frustrated when things end up going another way. Talk it through if you really want this relationship to continue strong.

Clinginess isn't attractive 

Being clingy just shows that you need your significant other 24/7 - now that's excessive. Loving someone and needing them all the time is a huge difference. Keep in mind that you both have your own lives, so spend time with your friends and family too. Don't drop them all because someone new came into your life.

Be your own happiness 

Relying on another person to make you happy isn't healthy. In order to be truly happy with someone else, you have to be your own happiness.

Don't settle for just anyone 

Being alone can be tough, especially during the holidays. You see couples holding hands, ice skating, going on dates, etc. It's easy to tell yourself that it doesn't bother you, but the emotions are difficult to block. However, there is so much to experience and learn. Take this time of independence to do whatever you want and stop yourself from jumping into a relationship for the wrong reasons.

Travel anywhere and everywhere 

Travel to a place you'd never think of going even if it's far, far, away. This gives you a chance to start over and meet new people. New people leads to new friendships, relationships, and a stronger sense of who you are.

Say goodbye to dating apps and websites 

Stop using dating apps or websites to find your "true love" because in most cases people aren't taking any of the swipes or conversations seriously. However, if you do come to find a decent and nice human being, that still doesn't mean he/she is the one. Get to know them before jumping into conclusions. Instead of swiping left and right, focus on yourself because the right person will come around before you know it. Who knows maybe you've already met?

 Embrace self-love 

Look in the mirror and give yourself a sweet compliment. Love yourself first and someone will see the true beauty in you.

Following all these tips will not save you from heartbreak or loneliness, but it's a start. You're bound to experience both of these emotions because it's apart of life, unfortunately. You live and you learn. You develop a stronger mindset and when the right person comes along, you become a powerful team - ready to conquer the world together.

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