This is a PSA that the most wonderful time of the year is finally here! No, it's not Christmas time... It's college football season!

Freshmen, if you're reading this, there are probably two emotions you are feeling about going to your first football game as a college student: excited and slightly nervous. My advice to you, as cheesy as it sounds, is to go big or go home. You shouldn't worry about standing out, because football games are the best place to show just how much you love your new school! If you feel like you want to wear orange and blue face paint…Do it!

Sophomores, if you're reading this, congratulations you are no longer the lowest on the food chain! You might be experiencing the feeling of relief mixed with a bit of eagerness. You have done it all before, you know exactly what to expect and you know exactly how much spirit you need to bring. You are probably SO ready to get back out there and help cheer on your favorite team! As sophomores, we were just a freshman a few months ago, so my challenge to you is to befriend a freshman and help them get pumped up and prepared for such a fun college event!


Juniors, if you're reading this, it's your first football season as an upperclassman. Take advantage of it! You're probably experiencing a bit of disinterest this year, which is totally normal and OK to feel. It's your third year of the same drill, but it's a brand new year! There are so many new Broncos to share it with! There are new Bronco families, new Bronco students, and even new Bronco players! My challenge to you is to show these new Broncos how we do it. Make every moment of this football season count!

Seniors, if you're reading this, congratulations on all you have accomplished in your college career. We are so proud of you! As this football season rolls around, I'm sure you are feeling a bit nostalgic. You must be realizing it's the year of the lasts. My challenge to you is to take advantage of every opportunity this college football season. Show off all your Bronco spirit and show all of your younger peers how you want Boise State to be represented when you are gone.

A little photoshop has never hurt anyone!

Bottom line, no matter how young or old you might be, college football season is the most exciting time of the year. That being said, don't forget your face paint, your spirit wear, your hats, your foam fingers, and anything else you can think of. Let's go cheer on our favorite football team!