If you give a girl a soccer ball, she's going to ask you for a pair of cleats.

When you give her the cleats, she'll probably ask you for some shin guards.

When she has both, she'll ask you to take her to a field.

Then she'll want you to pretend to be a goalie to make sure her shots are hard to stop.

When you go in the goal, she might realize her kick is strong.

So she'll probably ask to join a club team.

When she finally joins the club team, she'll want to travel to every tournament.

She'll travel every weekend.

She might get carried away and travel instead of going to social events.

She may even miss a few high school dances.

When she (miraculously) doesn't have practice, she'll probably want to take a nap.

You'll have to make a healthy snack for her and give her a comfy blanket.

She'll crawl in, make herself comfortable, and say how nice it is to have free time.

She'll probably ask you to rub out her calves.

So you'll rub out her calves, and she'll ask you to do her quads too.

When you rub out her quads, she'll get so relieved she'll want to go workout.

She'll ask for her running shoes and headphones.

She'll go for a run.

When the run is finished, she'll want to brag about how fast her time was.

Then she'll want you to take a picture of her post-run.

Which means she'll give you her phone.

She'll pose for the picture and grab the phone back to look at it.

Looking at the picture will remind her she loves to improve for soccer.

So... she'll ask for a soccer ball.

And chances are if she asks you for a soccer ball, she's going to want a pair of cleats to go with it.