If The 'Pretty Little Liars' Were Coffee Drinks

If The 'Pretty Little Liars' Were Coffee Drinks

Each of the 'Pretty Little Liars' are sweet and different, just like their coffee drinks.

Spencer, Emily, Hanna, Alison and Aria are always seen with coffee, going to get coffee, or at The Brew but, have you ever thought about what coffee drink each of the girls would be? These are the few coffee's that I thought fit with each of the 'Pretty Little Liars' to a "T".

Spencer Hastings - Black Coffee

Just like black coffee, Spencer is strong and is the back bone of the group. She never gave up when it came to finding out who A was. Spending countless nights staying awake putting clues together, even if it means pinning murders on her own sister. When it comes to a coffee that will keep Spencer up all night, it would be black.

Hanna Marin - Pumpkin Spice Latte

Everyone knows that Hanna would never leave her house without an outfit that fit the latest fashion trend/season. Like the PSL, Hanna is sweet and lovable. She's full of energy and is known for coming up with brilliant ideas right on the spot. Going with the trends of the season, Hanna would never pass up the PSL.

Emily Fields - Drip Coffee

Drip coffee is very traditional much like our very own Emily Fields. She brings many traditional elements to the group and isn't coffee-crazed like Spencer. Em likes to be unique and isn't afraid to be who she wants to be, like the drip coffee, you get to choose what your coffee taste like and is unique to you.

Aria Montgomery - Affogato

Out of all the girls, Aria is the most artistic, spunky and outgoing. She brings a lot of life to the group and never hesitates to do whats right. It only makes sense to have her relate to a dessert-based drink. An Affogato is usually formed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato, topped with a shot of hot espresso. Just like the Affogato, Aria is sweet on the inside with a bitter exterior.

Alison DiLaurentis - Vanilla Bean Frappe

Alison is a cold, yet sweet and pushy character. She's always alert, focused and driven, the icy part of the drink keeps her awake and alert. Just like the frap, she may be cold on the outside but has a lot of sweetness to give on the inside.

Mona Vanderwaal - Iced Coffee

Mona has a cold heart and can be very vicious to others. The iced coffee is a cold, bitter drink that can keep you up for hours. Mona is known for her cruel pranks and tricks against the liars and spends hours without sleep planning her next trick. Knowing Mona, she most likely would add that extra shot of espresso.

Admit it, after reading that article we could all use a big cup of coffee right now, even if it is 10 o'clock at night.

Cover Image Credit: Freeform

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Your Personality as Told by Your Favorite Breakfast Sandwich Ingredients

My hilarious attempt at writing one of those articles

Ah, the breakfast sandwich. Easy to make, easy to pick up, easy to love. That is, when its made with everything you want in it. Each of those preferences come from personality, or I like to think so. So here is me trying to be funny and trying to match everyone’s personalities with popular breakfast sandwich ingredients.


Croissant- Semi introvert, semi extrovert. Loves to socialize, but needs a decent amount of alone time.

Bagel- Tough exterior, big heart. Nice, caring but not until someone really gets to know you. Takes time to show that side.

English Muffin- Sophisticated, sweet. The one everyone loves, and is always on the high end of things.

McGriddle- Mellow, laid back. Not the type to be out socializing all the time but a great friend to everyone they’re close to.

Bread slices- Simple, uncomplicated. Non-judgemental who’s easy to get along with because they accept anyone in anyway they are.

Biscuits- Playful, yet gentle. Sweet on the surface but underneath has a lot more going on, with so many stories to tell.


Ham- Conscientious. Of everyone and everything around them, takes awhile to trust something new or even to try something new.

Sausage- Open book. Nothing to hide, nothing done to hide. Easy to enjoy time with because there are no secrets.

With Bacon- Live in the moment. Doesn’t always think about the future struggles, just enjoys everything in the present.

Without Bacon- Health conscious. Bacon is in fact not the healthiest meat to out on a sandwich, someone who forgoes the possibility of eating bacon knows it.

Egg Types

Whole Egg- Adventurous. Can’t miss out on anything, has to try everything that is a possibility and sounds appealing.

Egg White Only- Active lifestyle. Tend to skip the egg yellows for diet reasons or according to their diet plan.

Egg Substitute- Vegan. Very likely because vegans don’t eat eggs and this is a decent source of protein to replace meat.


Cheese- Detail oriented, probably from Wisconsin. Unless they know the clear difference of cheese existing or not, and cheese is a big part of the Wisconsin food guide pyramid.

No Cheese- Vegan. Because vegans also don’t eat cheese and have to find something else to add more flavor like...

Spicy Flakes/Powder- Full of life, never a dull moment. Not an awfully popular ingredient which is why it represents adventure and fun stories.

Garlic- Wholesome. Whether or not everything is okay, they put on a smile and do a good job of keeping it together.

Cover Image Credit: BaconEc

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21 Thoughts I Had While Eating These Chicken Wings

I wonder if anyone has ever died from eating too many chicken wings?

1. I wonder if anyone has ever died from eating too many chicken wings.

2. Nah, I would have heard of it, because it would be a commonly known thing.

3. What if their immediate family and/or friends were embarrassed so they changed the cause of death to something less weird like cardiac arrest or work-related accident?

4. WHAT IF their job involved eating chicken wings and them dying as a result of eating too many chicken wings was actually a work-related accident??

5. Speaking of work, I need to go to work soon.

6. Am I having these thoughts because I’m writing about my thoughts, or am I writing about these thoughts because I’m having them?

7. Damn, I gotta stop confusing myself every time.

8. I wonder if I can get away with not doing calc homework tonight.

9. Nah, I don’t pay all that money to play myself by not doing homework.

10. Wow, I’m actually having a conversation with myself... wtf...

11. And I'm writing about it too… wtffff…

12. If I were to get charged with murder, would this be an acceptable documentation of my insanity and/or mental instability? Would I get off easy because of this? Hmm…

13. Nah, I’m black so probably not…

14. Crap, I shouldn’t have typed that but these are my unfiltered thoughts I’m typing so whatever

15. I wonder if James Madison knew the world would find out that he was a closeted monarchist.

16. Was he even a closeted monarchist or is that just my own conclusion based on what I’ve been taught in my political science course?

17. Damn, I got chicken wing hot sauce on my computer...

18. If this leads to my computer being defective, does the warranty cover "damage by hot sauce?"

19. I really need to leave for work...

20. But it's sooo cold...

21. Better cold than broke I guess...

I'm sorry for anyone who just read this, I just wanted to give an insight on what goes on through my mind as I eat chicken wings on a cold, windy and rainy Wednesday afternoon.

Cover Image Credit: Michael Maina

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