If 9 MSU Dorms Were Celebrities

If 9 MSU Dorms Were Celebrities

It's almost like we live in Hollywood... kind of.

An old MSU article recently came out of hiding and it was glorious. I strongly considered doing a part two to that article because we have a new building on campus and it needs its shining moment in the realm of The Odyssey, but as I walked around campus I thought "what better way to describe MSU than its glamorous (and not so glamorous) dorm buildings." So without further ado.... Mississippi State dorm buildings as celebrities.

1. Magnolia and Oak - The Olsen twins

These two buildings are identical twins... everything about them is the same and everyone wants to live there. Just like Mary Kate and Ashley- back in the day- they are the stars of MSU dorm life no matter what anyone says.

2. Rice Hall - Lindsey Lohan

Everyone's mom lived in this dorm. Similar to Lindsey Lohan, in the beginning, it probably lived up to the standards of Oak and Magnolia, but eventually, something just didn't click right and it went crazy. If you have ever been on the elevators in Rice, then you know that this dorm building is our girl Lindsey to a "t."

3. Moseley - Channing Tatum

I really just think this dorm was built to make Rice, Cresswell, and Hathorn look bad and it really does. I personally have never been a huge fan of Channing Tatum's acting, but I'd be lying if I didn't say he was a little too easy on the eyes.

4. Hathorn and Cresswell - Abby and Brittany Hensel

Hathorn and Cresswell look alike, smell alike, and get all the same reviews. I'm a big fan of TLC Stars, Abby, and Brittany. If you go to MSU and aren't sure who they are, give them a Google and you'll get it.

5. Hull Hall - Betty White

While this dorm building is much older than Rice, it doesn't really take away from the beauty of Mississippi State. It fits in perfectly with the historical look State tries to pull off, just like Betty White fits perfectly into every role she plays.

6. Sessums - Jon Gosselin

I am very aware that Sessums is an all girls dorm, but let's be honest the friendships people make living in "sketch"ums are the only good things anyone has to say about that building. Similar to Jon Gosselin the only thing good anyone has to say about him is his 8 kids.

7. Herbert, Critz, and McKee - Frankie Delgado

I'm not inserting a picture here because odds are you won't remember them anyway. Just like Frankie's claim to fame was being Brody Jenner's friend, these three dorms are the only kind of remembered because of what they're close to. If you live in one of these places you can always count on someone saying "wait you live where?"

8. Dogwood and Deavenport - Kylie and Kendall Jenner

No explanation need.

9. Zacharias Village - The Sharks

I am referring to the billionaires on Shark Tank. This whole group of dorm buildings is literally filled with the best of the best of MSU.

Cover Image Credit: Society 19

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