Everyone has those negative forces in their lives, constantly pulling them down. It is impossible for you to feel adequate around them because nothing you do seems right. It is important to be able to identify these people so you can work on getting them out in order to live a happier life.

1. They make you feel like you are less than you are.

Toxic people will always be quick to point out your flaws, yet will never point out your strengths. They do not want you to like who you are because then you may become strong enough to stand up against them.

2. They are untrustworthy.

Toxic people will never keep anything between the two of you, even if it was meant to stay confidential. They have to tell everyone your issues to distract others from noticing theirs. This way everyone will think less of you and think more of them.

3. They are complainers.

When it comes to getting something off your chest, toxic people do not care to listen. Instead, they would rather talk over you and complain about their own problems that they refuse to try to fix.

4. They justify all of their wrongdoings and expect you to agree.

It is impossible to reason with a toxic person because they think that they know everything. If they have a problem in life they will never see it as their fault and will always find someone or something else to blame.

5. They cannot handle the truth.

Toxic people will often become angry if you try and tell them a fact about themselves that may actually benefit them to become a better person. They truly believe that they know everything, therefore refuse to submit to advice from another.

6. They are hypocrites.

Anything that a toxic person calls you out for doing wrong is likely done by them. They do this because they are not strong enough to point out their own faults, therefore do such to others in order to feel better.

7. It's there way or the highway.

Toxic people stubbornly cling to their pride. Nothing they do can possibly be wrong in their eyes, yet everything you do is. When it comes to decision making, they must have all the say or else they will not be content.

8. They blame all of the world for their problems.

Anything that is wrong in a toxic person's life has nothing to do with their own actions in their mind. They actually think it is the world's problems and in turn, believe that the world owes them something.

9. They need to be the center of attention.

You will notice that a toxic person will not be satisfied unless all the attention is on them. The second an outsider's eyes wander over to someone other than them, they will make it their job to make sure it never happens again.

10. They are actors.

Toxic people act like they care about people. They will convince you that they want the best for you, but in reality they want to see you fail. They thrive off of it to make their lives more meaningful.

11. With them, it is all give and no get.

Toxic people put their needs before everyone else's. All they do is take, take, and take. They will drain you in every possible way and never give you a drop back.

It is actually easy to identify toxic people in your life. The hard part is being able to cut them out of your life completely. They are poison and even though you can see that, it is not always easy dumping them down the drain. However, if you can manage to do so your life will get so much better.