People these days lead crazy lives, am I right?

And yes that includes me, and yes that includes you.

I have no idea when people came up with the lifestyle of not having a lifestyle at all.

Because being busy and going, going, going, is not a lifestyle, it's an existence.

"But you don't understand. I have a demanding job. I have a family to worry about. I have things to manage."

I don't doubt it, trust me.

But, as I have said, and been told, time and time before, you can't do anything when you're half dead. You can't do things efficiently when you're tired. You can't give what you and others deserve if you don't take a freaking break and let your life recalibrate.

Everything around us goes in cycles. The weather isn't always one way. It changes and fluctuates, and at least where I'm from, so does the wind.

The wind is really crazy one day, blowing everything around, blowing you off of the ground, creating accidents and causing trouble, busy, busy, busy.

And then, the next day (or week...) things are calm again. A slight breeze blows through the area. Nothing too big, but something.

Lots of energy, and then little energy.

The wind takes a break, perhaps the wind is more in tune with the way the world was created to work?

We were made to work, we were made to be with others and accomplish things, yes,

But we were also made to rest.

We were made to enjoy leisure, take walks, pursue hobbies and interests, read, sleep. All of it.

Do you have to change your entire life to do this?

No. (At least not at first.)

You can begin to enjoy taking a break by providing a nice, short break in the day for a 15 minute walk, resetting your head.

You can pursue a new hobby, take a dance class once a week, kick a soccer ball, ride a bicycle.

You can do puzzles while listening to music or the television, you can catch up on a book,

The possibilities are endless,

But what it requires is exploration, stopping, thinking, feeling, and going for it.

Analyze the place you are in. Are you tired? Is your body tense? Are your emotions overwhelming you? Do you feel nothing at all?

Then what can you do?

Stop, breathe, and go.

Slow down your mind with a few deep inhales and exhales, and do something that is good for you.

#1: it is not selfish.

#2: yes, you deserve it.

#3: no, it does not have to take up a huge chunk of time.

Maybe all that you need is a break at your favorite desk, a good book, journal, some coffee or tea, and fifteen minutes to reset. Write out everything that comes to mind as you think of it. Worried you will forget what you were going to do after? Afraid you will forget something that pops up? Write it down and look back on it later.

It isn't a perfect process. It can be hard.

But yes, you deserve it. You need it.

You are worth it.

Breathe. It's all okay.