Lately, I stopped caring what people think of me. Being weird and quirky is the best way to live in my opinion. Some of my friends definitely know that some of my ideas or funny actions are "out there". I want to make people laugh! As I have gotten older, I have really tried to start being me more. You only live once. Why care so much about what others think? You cannot control their feelings, thoughts, or actions. You can only control yourself.

Society today makes it difficult for people to act like who they are as a person on the inside. Instagram, Snapchat, etc. make people feel so pressured to look amazing and beautiful 24/7. People deceive others by depicting their life as being so aesthetic. Who cares if you post two pictures within one day? Why do people feel like they have to wait over five minutes to open their crush's Snapchat picture so that they don't seem extremely desperate? Who cares if your Instagram story is ten minutes long? If someone really cares that much, they need to realize that there are bigger fish to fry. It's not that deep. Be bold, be you.

I always love to mess with people and try to have fun in situations. I like acting weird and silly because it's fun. If you don't like me, I don't care. Don't judge me or even bother with me. Move on with your life. Peer pressure is a hard thing to deal with in today's society, but do what you want to do! Don't avoid wearing something because someone else wouldn't like it. Don't avoid doing something because somebody might judge you. Let people live their lives the way they want to.

Because you don't want others to judge you, don't judge others either. Just leave people alone, there is no point to comment on what they are doing or how they are living if it doesn't affect you. It is not your life to live. They are human beings just like you and they have feelings. In ending, I'm begging you to do the things you like to do. Who cares if you love to knit or watch boring documentaries? Just do it, be yourself, you are on this earth for a reason. Fulfill your beautiful life. Don't let others live it for you, and don't let others affect the way you live. If someone wants to be a part of your life, they will. Don't ever change yourself to please anyone else.