I have always been interested in learning about my Zodiac sign and think it is important to know. I am proud to be a Sagittarius, an archer! Whenever I read facts about the sign of Sagittarius, I am amazed at how accurate they relate to my own personality.

1. The Sagittarius is known to do whatever they want, whenever they want. 

They typically wander and are very curious about life.

2. We are known to be in the right place at the right time.



Everything happens for a reason. In my life, things are always set into place and work out.

3. We are very curious and think ahead.

A Sagittarius is always wondering what will happen next, they are always moving forward.

4. A Sagittarius is compassionate and charming.



We are known to care a lot about other people and want to be there for them-which I completely relate to!

5. We are extroverts and talkers.

If you get to know me, I can really talk for hours, about anything!

I will continue to live my life with a foundation of a Sagittarius.