10 Signs You Are A True Sagittarius

10 Signs You Are A True Sagittarius

You say what's on your mind.

Sagittarius people are born between November 22 to December 21.

Ruled by Jupiter and known as the mystical half man-half horse, it's safe to say that the Sagittarius is the coolest zodiac sign, am I right? No but really. Let's learn a little more about you, or your Sagittarius friend.

Astrology is really cool so let's really see if you are a true Sagittarius with these 10 signs:

1. You are always seeking out the truth.

Sagittarians are known to always seek out the truth. This could mean that if some topic really catches your attention, you're going to investigate more and want to learn more about the subject. It doesn't always have to mean about work or school, this could mean about relationships as well. Sagittarius lovers love nothing more than to find out everything about their significant other, or someone they are crushing on. They genuinely want to know about the people they meet, as well as friends. People who are friends with a Sagittarius will realize that the Sagittarius is a good listener, because when engaging on a conversation they like asking questions.

2. You get along with a lot of different personalities.

They are considered mutable signs, meaning the last month of the season in which this would be late autumn. There are only four mutable signs out of the 12 zodiacs, which indicates one in each element (fire, air, water, earth) making up the whole year and four seasons. Mutable signs mean that they are the "adapters" of the element that practice flexibility and communication. They can get along with all the other signs pretty well because they are very open minded people. The idea is that they prepare for the season to transition being the last month of the season, meaning they deal with all sorts of scenarios and changes to transition to the next season perfectly. Sagittarius can adapt to many personalities and their communication enables them to befriend all sorts of people.

3. You are sometimes "too" optimistic.

People who are optimistic tend to look everything in a positive way. Sagittarius will sometimes often be too optimistic where it bothers some people because their positivity may seem like an act in certain scenarios. All in all, they are the most optimistic signs that bring big ideas to projects. They radiate positive energy and enthusiasm.

4. You say what's on your mind.

When feeling honest, they will state their opinion not giving a damn what anyone would think. The Sagittarius is not known to to bite their tongue. The idea of not knowing the outcome if they don't say something drives them crazy. They will be your most honest friends, sometimes rather too blunt. Since they are truth seekers, friends respect their honesty but sometimes their bluntness can get them into trouble. Saying what's on your mind can be a very helpful trait in the sign being very flirty as well.

5. You respect your freedom way too much.

You cannot control a Sagittarius. It's just how it works. If someone tells you that you can't do something, you won't even stop to think if that person has a valid point. Just the fact that they told you that you CAN'T do it irks you. A Sagittarius also cannot be stuck in one place. They are outgoing and love to roam around and travel. Since they are mutable, they are pretty social and get bored way too quickly if stuck at the same place for too long.

6. You find yourself snapping at others.

They belong with the fire element and are the last of the fire signs. Picture flames... at the end of the flames it represents the Sagittarius being out of reach, unpredictable, mystical and can be destructive. They have no regard of anything in its path and their energy can spread very easily to others, which could be good or bad energy. They are positive people and hate when others are negative around them. So, they will bottle things up until they cannot take it anymore, and snap at you and people won't see it coming. You do not want to cross a Sagittarius.

7. You have too big of a heart.

A Sagittarius is known for being too kind to others, especially when it's the wrong people. They will be your most generous friends and the ones that don't hesitate to take care of you. They feel gratitude strongly. Dating a Sagittarius will mean being spoiled with attention and gifts. They don't expect anything in return. Being friends with a Sagittarius means they will always have your back, which can tie into being reliable and loyal. This can leave the Sagittarius depressed at times, because they feel that everyone has just as big of a heart as them and when let down, it crushes them.

8. You have a wild imagination.

Sagittarians have a wild imagination. This could mean creatively, and sexually. Their creative imaginations brings them success in the workforce. Since the sign gets intrigued by philosophy and truth, there isn't much else a Sagittarius' mind doesn't wander off to. They are considered day dreamers, always dreaming of the future or the "what ifs". Sexually, they are very prone to boredom if things get routinely. When they fall for someone, they fall hard. They let their imaginations run wild and need to be kept surprised because of their free spirited minds.

9. You love to travel.

The Sagittarius is the ninth house in the zodiac which is symbolized as a traveler. Sagittarians love to travel and see the beauty in the world for it's authentic self. They are free spirited and genuinely love the colors of the world and colors of people. They find the beauty in everything and love to explore. This describes the free spirit being curious about the world.

10. You might not be the greatest lover.

You find yourself loving chases, but hating the thought of long commitment. You are a free spirit, which means no one can control you or tame you. You need your independence like you need air. Since you are social, other partners might think you are too flirty with others and want to tame you, and that's when things get rough. Since you are always seeking out the truth, that could lead to obsessive behavior issues when dealing with a conflict with your partner and cause havoc with your positive nature. Since you have too big of a heart and are too generous, this could lead to getting taken advantage of. And one last thing, since you are always so damn optimistic, finding the positivity in everything, this could lead you to settling for what's not best for you.

If you are any of those traits, you might be a true Sagittarius. If you don't believe in the zodiac signs and think that they could mean for any of the other signs, just remember that there are four other mutable signs that share the same qualities of being "adapters" like the Virgo, Gemini, and Pisces. There are also two other fire signs Aries and Leo that share the same energetic passions. You are considered lucky if you are a Sagittarius, and I'm not just saying that!

Cover Image Credit: Horoscope

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Cover Image Credit: Danielle Balint

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