In high school, I dreaded waking up every morning to go to school. It wasn't that I hated learning, I just had no interest in half of the classes I was taking. I am sure we all had those moments where we were sitting in math class and thinking "When am I ever going to need to find the limit of this in the real world?" went through my head all the time in middle school and high school. Then when I finally got to college, I realized I am actually a complete nerd.

The first moment where I realized I was a nerd was when I didn't mind waking up early for class because I genuinely enjoyed what was being taught. I think that was something I struggled with in high school since there is less flexibility with what classes you take. In college, you get to take classes that you have an interest in, for a major you are passionate about. My first semester of college, I had a microeconomics class at 9 am. Most people would not be happy about this, but I loved this lecture so much. Yes, I was that student who raised their hand all the time and genuinely wanted to answer all the questions. Not sorry.

The second time I realized I was a nerd was when I was having fun studying. Yes, I am shocked too. Who would think someone could find the fun in studying. Well, I did! I didn't mind studying for tests because once again, I was genuinely enjoying the material that I was going to be tested on.

This summer I am taking two online general education requirement classes. At first, I was a little nervous about them because I thought I wouldn't want to do the work. Nope. Here I am doing my homework every week and full-on loving to read the readings, write response posts, and take quizzes. I never thought this would happen to me, especially over the summer.

Along with enjoying doing homework and studying, I have been really enjoying talking about everything I am learning to literally anyone. I like having "intellectual conversations" at the adult table at big family dinners and trying to explain all my classes to all my friends and family.

Although I dreaded waking up for school in high school, I am really lucky to enjoy learning and everything all my classes have to offer. At the end of the day, I am really grateful to be getting such a great education. So, if you are in high school, don't take it for granted. I know you may not like any of your classes, but learning is one of the greatest gifts you could ever receive.