To my Ex-Friend,

I thought that we would be friends forever. I thought that every moment of our lives, big or small, we would be there for each other. I pictured us celebrating our graduation together. I pictured us partying up every birthday together until we were gray-haired and in wheelchairs. I even pictured us as bridesmaids at each other's weddings. Our future as friends looked so bright and full of excitement. I was ready to have you by my side for the long haul. I just realized too late that you didn't feel the same.

Our friendship at first was exactly like the movies. We practically did everything together. Every moment together was full of laughter to the point that neither of us could breathe properly. When we walked into school we felt like we were the queens of the place. We were the dream team, the friends that made others jealous and want to be like us. It felt like the sun was shining on us wherever we went, but then a storm began to form.

You always accused me of being the reason for the way that you treated me. You always seemed to forget about me in the crowd or when we were hanging out, acting as if my presence annoyed you. Anything I would say or do would get a fake laugh or a short response. You always excused yourself by saying that I was being anti-social and the cause of your behavior. I tried to talk to you multiple times about this and how it made me feel. Yet, you insisted that it was my fault and that I was the one who should be apologizing. I heard that statement so many times that I began to be convinced that it truly was my fault. I started apologizing because I only wanted to be your friend and nothing else.

You treated me awfully, only wanting me when you were completely alone and your life was falling apart. I'm an empathetic person and you took advantage of this. You had a sob story, looked at me with eyes full of tears, and gave me a promise that you were a changed person. You knew that I had a heart of gold that always forgives someone when they wrong me. So that's exactly what I did: I forgave you. I still remember the last time you begged me for forgiveness. I missed my plans for that day when you begged me to come and comfort you because you felt like your life was falling apart. Never forget that when you were at your lowest and all your other friends had abandoned you, I was the one who was there.

After that moment, you changed for a little while and were back to being the person who I was friends with when we first met. It seemed like I had you back, but then your true nature came through once again. You broke the last straw and all of your second chances have been used up. I realize now that as a person, you only care for yourself and your own feelings. No one matters in your life but you. I was a true friend, one of the only ones that you had, but you couldn't look past your own pride and see this.

Time has passed since we parted ways and time does heal most wounds. But what you did to me still haunts me and makes me question in my current friendships if I truly am enough for them. I shouldn't have to question my worth, but that's the price I paid for my toxic friendship with you for so long. I want you to know that I forgive you for what you did to me. No, you do not get a third, fourth, or fifth chance as I will never give you that. As all stories come to an end, so did ours.


The Friend That You Hurt