25 Questions For Hunter College
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Student Life

25 Questions For Hunter College

From elevators to snack prices, Hunter Hawks were asked about questions they've developed in the considerable time that they have been members of the Hunter College community.

25 Questions For Hunter College

It's that time of the year again.

As the clock turns to the start of a new semester and the beginning stages of a new chapter for the Hunter College Class of 2024, current Hunter Hawks have raised 25 questions that they've had after a considerable amount of time at Hunter, and would like to get them answered. Whether or not they receive a response isn't known right now, but it's still interesting to look at these questions as an incoming freshman.

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1. Why are the elevators always out of service?

2. Why is the AC never on in the West building classrooms?

3. Why do we need our student IDs to get into the library if we can't get into campus without them regardless?

4. Why do you keep increasing the snack prices in the vending machines each semester?

5. Why aren't there more fresh Kosher food choices in the cafeteria?

6. What's the point in escalators if they're always being shut down?

7. Why aren't there more resources for undocumented students?

8. Why is Thomas Hunter Hall always so hot?

9. Will they ever finish renovations?

10. Why do the vending machines always have horrible choices?

11. Why do the elevators in Thomas Hunter Hall work the fastest if they're the oldest?

12. Why are all the freshman core classes always in the basement of the North Building?

13.Why is the "No Smoking Zone" the Designated Smoking Zone?

14. Why are all building entrances so different in terms of elegance compared to the West Building Entrance?

15. Why is campus empty on Wednesdays compared to the other days of the week?

16. Why does the cafeteria charge you $1.19 for a banana when they know the fruit guy outside sells them for 25 cents?

17. Why does a snack from the cafeteria cost more than the snack in the vending machine (it's the same snack!)?

18. Why does the WiFi always crash when you need it most?

19. Do you guys repaint the bathroom stalls to cover up the graffiti or does it disappear on its own?

20. Do you guys repaint the desks to cover up the graffiti or does it disappear on its own?

21. Why does the girls bathroom always have a line but not the boys?

22. Why don't we hype the sports teams we have like other schools do?

23. Why are all frats and sororities so lowkey? You have to go looking for them to find one.

24. Can we have a week where skateboarding is allowed on the skywalks?

And finally, equally as important to these questions is this:

25. What can Hunter and CUNY at large do in its plan to recover from this pandemic, and what will it commit to in this widespread effort for social justice reform and inclusion?

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