How to Upgrade Your Wardrobe After Pandemic?
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How to Upgrade Your Wardrobe After Pandemic?

After a pandemic, your life must've surely taken a different notch. Spending time endlessly in painting and baking must be in the loop with the newness of working from home.

How to Upgrade Your Wardrobe After Pandemic?

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But getting bored was never in the plan! And, of course, this challenging time has taught us the value of life. Especially when it comes to happiness, then fashion freaks have found their joy in minimalism. Their home invented ideas for bringing glee through bizarre experiments, and fashion tips have made everyone insane.

Feed These Tips to Your Fashion Soul

The baby steps in bringing change to lives and the environment without compromising on appearance can make a huge difference in society. So let's start by sorting out your wardrobe for good.

Re-organize Through Cleaning- Just like your favorite food brings a complete serotonin rush, the same way offloading your boring stuff does. Change starts with cleanliness. Reshuffling your old jewelry and outfits to facilitate a bona fide or genuine look is one of the cost-effective ideas to complement your personality.

Lessen The Carbon Footprints: Incorporating the accessories in your everyday wear gives you a show-stopper feeling at every point in time. Don't think it's too much. Because any common T-shirt and jeans paired with a dollop of teardrop earrings or pendant can rejuvenate the moods in seconds. Along with the other shirts and comfy bottom wear options to be paired with some chunky jewelry pieces, be it a long gemstone pendant or rings. This old wardrobe concoction will be a great step in lessening carbon footprints and unnecessary wastage. Covid has indeed taught us the value of preserving our mother earth through simple ways.

Being Economical is The Key- Combining your jewelry with different options will help you turn over a new leaf. Making some space for new options is definitely a part of the change, but investing in the best options will make you more economical and wise with fashion. For instance, be a little adventurous through your closet, combining rugged jeans with a patterned shirt. And completing your look with bold earrings will give you an all-new look to praise. Honestly, you don't need to spend half of your salary or savings while satisfying your fashion appetite. Tough times can break anyone in a blink of an eye but have a strong head for surviving in the worst, with ultimate comfort in fashion sense.

What’s So Trendy in the Market?

If you're a fashion lover and looking for a fresh start. Then nothing can be best than adopting the trend of gemstones. Add this fervor of gemstones to your bucket list and explore them to the core. They hold a reason for being on the top of people's minds. And once encountered with their formation and powers, you would surely become one of the gemstone enthusiasts.

For generations, diamonds and gold have been prominently chosen for special gatherings and essential days. But with passing years, fashionistas are becoming mindful of semi-precious gemstones, thus investing largely in them. Growing beyond the usual desires opens your avenues of exploring something worthy. And these are the five basic attributes of choosing a gemstone over conventional stones.

The easy styling

Surreal beauty

Unfathomable healing

Quick impact


What to Check in Gemstone Jewelry?

Gemstones differ in wide speculations. For some, it might be the affordability that attracts, but for others, it would be the healing that enthralls. Perceptions do vary, but their demands have surpassed the old taste of stones. While picking your favorite gemstone jewelry, remember these points to make the best selection in the first go.

Color: We buy those materials that please our eyes. Well said for gemstones, as their first impression comes out from the outer beauty, i.e., the intense color. Therefore, the depth of tone, color saturation, and purity in hue are crucial aspects of judging your stone's quality.

Clarity: Then comes the clarity. You should know that the transparency of gemstone signifies quality. Avoid buying treated gemstones because they won't offer any astrological benefits. Flaws and inclusions are normal; accept them.

Cut- After analyzing the color and clarity of your stone, be aware of its cut. This attribute is often underrated, but the quality of the gem truly depends on this aspect. The brilliance of color, clarity, and light reflection brings the aesthetic value of stone that is eventually attained by proper cut.

Carat Weight: Don't justify the weight of your favorite ring with its size. Being bigger in size wouldn't make it denser in weight. So have proper knowledge of its carat weight before paying. After all, that weight will determine the value of your gem.

Size - It's necessary to understand the difference between size and carat weight. Experts don't recommend measuring size through its weight. Instead, get the diameter of the stone above the angle. After the jewelry settings are done, the only way to judge the stone would be from the top.

Metal Used- Besides clarity, cut, carat weight, and size, you should look at the metal used. The metal ensures longevity and protection. For this, you may choose sterling silver, rose gold, or any other metal of your choice. Because the metal will define the value and appearance of your gem.

How to Mix-Match The Outfit and Jewelry?

After considering the essential points in your gemstone jewelry, know how to experiment with different gemstones and outfits to the best of trends.

Make your evening special with the pump of glistening bright gemstones without making things tricky. For this, you may go for a subtle amethyst gemstone necklace with a beautiful mermaid gown. Single-layered necklaces can be a perfect signature choice to glam up the aura. Your personal flair will come out nicely when you know the trick of carrying it well with confidence. Even the dinner dates can become even more romantic when the saga of moonstone jewelry rolls over your dainty personality.

The stackable combination adds freshness to your wardrobe. Multiple jewelry wearers and even millennials highly prefer this trend. To make it more fun, stack ones with rose gold metal pieces in the bracelet and combine them with cluster rings of the same gemstone, say larimar. And wait for the magic to unveil from your jewelry. Particularly with such stackable ensembles, the off-shoulder and body con dresses suit best.

Professionally sound women believe in communicating with their jewelry. Also, they believe in carrying accessories on a daily basis to complete their formal attires. For them, jewelry enhances their bold persona and makes them strong than ever before. And for such strong ladies, we have the combination of the turquoise bracelet with a shimmery opal ring. So be it the dark or light-colored formal, few gemstones will never disappoint you.

Having a seasonal choice of gemstones makes your jewelry game a little interesting. Add some spice, and everything will be nice is a perfect emotion for the gemstone combo. Well, some gemstones emit freshness from their cool vibes and seek attention during hot summery days, namely turquoise, larimar, and aquamarine. Their serene vibes touch the soul and leave a long-lasting impact on your blowy a-line dress through their comfortable approach. Don't be afraid to try peculiar shapes and colors.

If you're longing for a perfect transitional makeover, then pick a smock or loose dress with a catchy handbag and a suitable pendant. The pendant can be a statement or even simple, depending upon the taste and occasion. The sober lunch outs with your girl gang demand a new level of refinement, which can be achieved through danglers or hoops of light-colored gemstones. As nothing can be better than your best friend complementing, Oh, "I love these earrings," where did you get this from? Let it be the conversation starter for you.

Sort your engagement quest with the sparkle and sophistication of Herkimer diamond jewelry. They are the alluring imitation of real diamonds and are way affordable. The intriguing facades of gemstone increase your wedding look in the minimum time frame through their peculiar shapes, luster, and clarity. Then, add the cherry on the top with the combination of catchy bold pieces of other gemstones like charoite, depending on the color of your outfit.

When it comes to an exotic look, then moldavite should be your catch. Combine your pants and any V-neck dress to give justice to your overall personality. The touch of beaming olive on your skin, along with the loose bun and windowpane blazer, is enough to heat up the environment.

1.For all the hippies and traveler souls. Experience the genesis of boho vibes in the calming sensations of turquoise, moonstone rings, and pendants. And steal the show with long jackets, boots, chunky ensembles with your unusual silhouettes to intensify the jewelry settings.

Wait, Break The Rules

When it's about defining the rules and settings boundaries for yourself. Then keep in mind to ignore the rules and make the new ones for your never-ending fashion lust. Remember to stay out of certain parameters, such as to match the same colored outfit with the same jewelry rather than binge on the contrasting affairs. The bright amethyst wouldn't come out awkward on colorful attire. Have the audacity to own that uniqueness. Also, the bold lipstick on such dark cloth would match the unusual sense.

The play of conventional ideologies towards fashion has gone through an evolution. This modernization has set everyone free from any baggage of being sophisticated. Let's be the true version of ourselves. Not your skin tone, body shape, or anything that defines it, but the likings reflects it. Gone are the days when bold makeover used to catch the eyes for wrong because now it has become the essence of confidence. Let's break such old stereotypes to welcome openness. Contradict your own fashion sense for a moment, and feed your trendy soul and mind with new energies of gemstones.

All About The Gemstone’s Power

Gemstones are an integral part of human lives for last many years. They hold the maximum amount of the earth's crust and belong to every individual in some way or another. The gemstones come from the lap of mother nature and are the pure amalgamation of the sky, water, and earth. And there is no denying the fact that gemstones are interconnected to the chakras. They affect every point and heal long-term issues from the core. And wearing them evokes the block energies of mind and heart.

Well, the diffusion of power depends on the type of gemstone you're choosing. For example, if moonstone is well versed in facilitating intuition and healing stress, then opal might be good in curing respiratory issues. More and less, it depends on its formation and treatment. Also, they can be your best friend if taken care timely. You would be surprised to know that some strong gemstones do respond to your moods and inner happenings. Furthermore, stones like turquoise start losing their color during illness or after the wearer's demise and darken when alive and healthy. So overall, it's more than just a beautiful stone.

Why Should You Clean The Gemstones?

Cleaning is the most underrated but essential step with every pick. Building up a collection and maintaining it, comes with little to no cost. And still, people can't spare a few minutes out of their busy schedule to perform this. Timely cleaning can surely assure the longevity of your gem by providing it the desired clarity, luster, and benefits from every edge.

Firstly, you need to be aware of the features of the gemstone before cleaning it. Majorly, many stones are cleaned by water and mild soap. But still, in a few cases, it depends on the formation and characteristics.

Secondly, avoid wearing them during workouts and physical indulgence in order to protect them from breakage and scratches. Because some gemstones are low in toughness and that can be a considerable threat.

Thirdly, storage is an obligatory task with gemstones to ensure their quality. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them in a separate place and safeguard their luster and contact with other gemstones.

Fourthly, In some cases, you may even keep the gemstones under the moonlight to regain their lost energies and qualities to impart optimum healing. Primarily, two nights would be enough for this process.

Final Opinion

Indeed pandemic has impacted the worst, but the fashion industry has seen a boom in the usage of gemstones. The reason could be their beauty or healing, but they are becoming the binging delights. And we have covered some of the fine tips of matching your outfits with the mix of unique gemstones to upgrade your wardrobe with the best. Of course, it's always wise to have a proper balance between environment and fashion. We hope it brings a significant change to your lifestyle. We need to keep items organized in our living room, make it clean.

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