7 Simple Ways You Can Personally Help Slow Global Warming
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7 Simple Ways You Can Personally Help Slow Global Warming

The earth needs our immediate help and little things make a big difference.

7 Simple Ways You Can Personally Help Slow Global Warming

The science is plain and simple. Global warming is happening and humans are to blame. Constant trends like extreme temperature changes and sea levels rising are only getting worse. We need to undo what we have caused and stop global warming. It's so easy to make jokes or worry about global warming, but it's even easier to actually put forth the effort to preserve our environment.

I think it's absolutely crazy how there is an overwhelming amount of scientific proof that the earth is warming, and it seems as if no one is doing anything to help our planet. We cannot just sit back and watch this global climate change crisis. Every individual needs to acknowledge that this is a massive global issue, come together, and protect the planet we live on before it's too late. Consider the following ways that you could positively impact our earth for not only our current generations but for the future ones to come.

Reduce, reuse, & recycle

This easy-to-remember slogan is the perfect strategy to help eliminate the amount of waste being thrown away. Instead of opening a new plastic water bottle after finishing it, it's just as easy to refill the same one for multiple uses. Even simple actions like that can make small differences in our environment.

Pick up trash

Littering and other forms of human pollution can be incredibly harmful to plants and innocent animals. Trash can easily get into rivers and streams that can lead straight into our oceans. Throwing waste on the ground is not only illegal but can cause fires to start. So even if it's not your trash, pick it up!

Drive less

Whether it's driving less, carpooling, or riding a bike, each one of these simple actions can help reduce global warming and air pollution.

Conserve water use

Humans cannot survive without water. When you are saving water, you are preserving the environment and helping to keep the resource available for the future. So for those of you who enjoy taking daily 30 minute showers and are constantly running the dishwasher and washing machine, please consider reducing your use of water.

Avoid all things plastic

Plastic is toxic and dangerous to our environment. It easily can make its way from our lands to our oceans. We are probably on track to eventually have more plastic in the ocean than the amount of fish. Plastic is not biodegradable and can take years to decompose. Think about the animals you could be saving by just simply avoiding the use of daily plastic items like bags and straws.

Reduce energy use

It's very essential to use energy and electricity wisely. A few ways you can save energy daily include turning off lights when they aren't being used, using natural light, and unplugging electronics that aren't being utilized.

Plant a tree

Planting trees and plants help to produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air. Instead of cutting down trees, we should be helping to make the earth greener. By planting trees, you can directly benefit the environment and wildlife.

Global warming is real and spreading slowly, but surely. This issue presents safety and health concerns that should matter to every person on this planet. These are just seven easy ways that everyone can get involved and individually impact the planet. Every small step counts whether you believe it or not. We have been given the gift of living on this beautiful earth, so why are we destroying it? Everyone should feel responsible and motivated enough to want to personally prevent global warming.

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