Self-care can be simple. Taking care of yourself can start in baby-steps in order to reach any personal goal you create. I made an Instagram poll, asking the question, "How do you practice self-care?" and I received 24 responses that you can incorporate and utilize in your life every single day.

1. Anonymous, 21

"Prayer, fasting, exercise, and mental health breaks."

2. Anonymous, 14

"[Spending] time alone."

4. Tara, 20

"Taking a bubble bath!"

5. Deanna, 18

"Listen to my favorite albums."

6. Lauren, 19

"Blocking out time for relaxing, just like I would do for homework."

7. Magen, 28

"Eating from all food groups, sleeping when I'm tired, and seeing (my boyfriend), Steve."

8. Anjika, 18

"Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine and dance alone to Madonna."

9. Jess, 18

"[Listening to] music, [going to the] gym, occasionally reading, and [doing] face masks."

10. Mary Kate, 19

"Sometimes taking days for myself instead of forcing myself to go out."

11. Sara, 20

"Writing, reading, and showering."

12. Jack, 19

"Being around friends and family. Taking days to myself when I need to."

13. Alyssa, 19

"Allowing myself short breaks or naps instead of pushing myself to be as efficient as possible."

14. Elise, 18.

"Doing things that make me feel good, like getting my nails done. Also, making a playlist that resembles my mood."

15. Netanya, 19

"I tend to overwork myself, so the occasional sushi and a movie does the trick."

16. Sofia, 19

"I take time in solitude to do things I enjoy, like singing, dancing, and doing photoshop."

17. Anonymous, 19

"Little things like reminding myself that it's okay when I overeat, screw up etc. Also, take days for myself to just relax and workout."

18. Victoria, 20

"Listening to my body when I need to rest and recharge."

19. Grace, 19

"[Doing] a face mask."

20. Josh, 19

"Skipping university classes [when necessary]."

21. Hailee, 21

"Washing my face properly and going to bed early."

22. Zach, 19

"Taking a break from the world and watching something happy."

23. Emma, 18

"Calling my best friend every night and rewarding myself with snack breaks when doing work."

24. Marissa, 19

"I practice self-care by making a schedule."