How To Plan A “Galentine’s Day”

I'm currently in a relationship and sometimes forget how Valentine's Day impacted me when I was single. The bouquets of roses, the heart shaped chocolates, and over sized stuffed animals at the front of stores can be annoying if you don't have someone to buy them for. I was talking to some of my friends who aren't going out and we decided that we would have a girl's night the day before Valentine's Day. Known by Parks in Rec. fans as "Galentine's Day", this event serves to appreciate the friends in our lives. The key to a successful night is to avoid the 'romance' that the month of February promotes. The four components that are needed are candy, cards, an activity, and a movie.

1. Candy

Candy is important because everything is better when candy is involved. If you aren't a fan of the heart shaped lollipops, DollarTree has a variety of candy as an alternative.

2. Cards

A simple Valentine's card for a friend is a nice gesture to let them know you appreciate them. Buy a pack and address them to all the Galentine's attendees :)

3. Activity

For my group's activity, we are going to try and mimic a Bob Ross painting after drinking a bit beforehand. We are buying canvases and paints and are going to listen to the soothing voice of the famous painter. Not only will this be a calming activity, but also fun amongst friends.

4. Movie

Movies are what wind the night down. After having a good time and drinking a bit, it's nice to end the night with a positive film. Be sure to avoid those sappy romantic comedies and dive into a Disney motion picture instead. This will keep everyone from thinking about relationships and instead on an inspirational message such as the movie Wall-E, Wreck-It Ralph, and Monsters Inc.

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