For some weird reason I never got sick freshmen year. Yes, I did have the sniffles when I went out in the zero degree weather of the Starkville winter but somehow I never got the flu, or contracted mono from my peers or even got the usual winter cold. I thought this was very strange since college during the winter and also just college in general is like a petri dish. Several people touching the same place and sitting in desks that other people have sneezed or coughed on. If your wondering weather I am a germaphobe or not I think the sentence above answers that question very quickly for you. One way I think I did not get sick was I drank grape juice every morning before I left my room. It is scientifically proven that drinking grape juice can help with your immune system and I truly believe that. Another thing I would do was I would never touch my desk or the door knob of a door or event the door knob of my dorm room. I would always cover my hand with my sweater, open it with my hip or my back, or someone would open the door for me. Because when you touch those surfaces you now have germs on your hands which then you spread to your body or even inside your body when you touch your nose, mouth, or rub our eyes. My last and final step that I used to ensure I did not get stick last year was I went to bed at the same time every night......well I tried to go to bed every night at the same time. I know it can be difficult on those wild game day weekends but during the week, I tried to stick to a schedule as best as I can and therefore my body as a good amount of hours to rest and recover from the day. I hope these tips help you and safe well this coming fall and winter.