How to Make Your Prom a Night to Remember

How to Make Your Prom a Night to Remember

"It's just all of us together and this one perfect moment" - Disney's Prom


Your Junior and Senior Proms are some of the biggest highlights of high school. Whenever I reflect on those four years, I always think of the wonderful memories Prom gave me! If you want to look back on your Prom fondly, here's what I suggest:

Find ways to look good for less

Prom can be an expensive affair, especially if you're a girl. With the dress, shoes, hair, and makeup, the dollars will really add up. But you don't have to spend a bunch of money to look your best! When looking for your dress and shoes, try checking stores others normally wouldn't think twice about finding their perfect outfit, like Windsor or Delia's. Or you could even borrow some from your friends!

As for hair and makeup, you can ask your mom, siblings, friends, or even neighbors to do it for you. Or if you're actually good at one of these things, do them yourself! I did my own makeup and I ended up saving around $30-50!

Eat/drink something before you go

Most Proms don't serve dinner, so make sure you eat something! The venue will get hot and you don't wanna pass out! You also don't wanna be hungry while dancing, because that's no fun

Take as many pictures as you can

Though it can be annoying as you stand around to take pictures, you're going to thank yourself! Later in life, you'll be happy you have these pictures, as they'll fill your mind with memories.

Go with who you want to go with

Don't feel pressured to go with a date if you don't want to go with him/her, or with a date at all. It's your night, so if you'd rather just go with a group of friends, then do it! Or if you want to go with a date, then do that too! You don't wanna end up spending Prom in the bathroom because you're having a terrible time!

Don't worry about what other people think

This is your time to shine. You only get to go to one, if not two proms during high school. So if you wanna go crazy on the dance floor, wear the wackiest dress, or eat all the food at the snack bar, do it! Have fun!

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