How To Make This Semester YOUR Semester
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Student Life

How To Make This Semester YOUR Semester

Spring 2017, here you come.

How To Make This Semester YOUR Semester

1) Start fresh

Nothing puts one at ease like a fresh start; a clean slate. There were both things you loved and things you hated about last semester. Think of it like a closet. If you don't clean out the old stuff that you don't need, you'll never have room for all of the nice, new things. Leave behind all of the worries and fears of last semester. Get ready for the new one with the knowledge that it is a new beginning, and you have the powerful to make it whatever you want.

2) Stay organized

Put up a white board, get a calendar, and write everything down as soon as you receive all your syllabi & due dates. It'll be so much easier to glance at when you need to remember when an assignment is due, rather than searching through a bunch of messy papers.

Keep your desk and your work space clear and free of clutter so you have room to do things.

3) Start the day early

Shut off the snooze setting on your alarm so you are not tempted to sleep in and risk missing classes. No one likes starting off the day by being behind schedule. Get up, make yourself a cup of coffee, and take some time to sit and relax before heading out the door to eat.

4) Exercise

Not only does exercising keep you healthy, but it can also make you feel more energized & boost your self-esteem. Who can't utilize that in their life? Even though sometimes it can be hard to get yourself up and go to the gym, you'll be so glad once it's done. You'll feel accomlished too!

5) Catch enough Zzzs

If there is one thing I know I've never had enough of during past semesters, it's sleep. If you are a die-hard night owl, like I've always been, don't try to make a drastic change right away. Trying to go to bed 3 hours before you're used to will not work well. Slowly, set back your time and get into a nighttime routine that you'll look forward to. Take a hot shower, put on fuzzy socks with your favorite lotion, or watch 20 minutes of Netflix before hitting the hay.

6) Limit technology

If laptops and phones are allowed in your classes, do your best to keep them in your bag or your pocket. While most of us claim we are using them to take notes, we usually will eventually start web-surfing, watching Netflix, or going through social media. Before you know it, you've missed 15 minutes of the lecture and don't know how to do the homework.

Also, don't be afraid to turn off your phone or silence it to avoid distractions. Utilize the Do Not Disturb Setting at certain times of your day. You can also keep the emergency notification settings on so calls can still come through from the contacts in your Favorites. In the event that there is an emergency, you won't miss a thing.

7) Obtain a balance

Everything in life needs a balance and being a college student, you've already got enough on your plate. Homework, studying, tests, rehearsals, meetings, sports practice, socializing, maybe a boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. Make sure you take time for yourself each day when you need it. Plan You Time. Do something by yourself that you enjoy for 20-30 minutes a day, whether it's watching an episode of your favorite TV show or doing your nails.

8) Utilize your resources

If you need help, ask for it. Don't wait until things get out of control to reach out to others. Talk to your academic advising center, get a tutor, seek out someone in your class who knows what's going on. It's okay to ask for assistance, everybody needs it at some point. Your grades and mental sanity will thank you.

9) Take advantage of the weekend

Use the weekend to revitalize yourself and spend time with friends. You can also use part of it as a time to catch up on any work that got out of control during the week. Refresh yourself and gear up for the new week ahead. Maybe go out on Friday and Saturday, but try to get an early night on Sunday so you're ready for classes on Monday.

10) Surround yourself with positivity

Embrace positive people, hang encouraging & motivating quotes on your walls, or even change your lock-screen on your phone to something that brings you joy. Sprinkle happiness into your own life.

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