How To Make 2017 Your Healthiest Year

Well Folks, it’s that time of year again. The time of year when we whip out a sheet of notebook paper, our favorite pen, and write our list of “New Year’s Resolutions”. For 32% of Americans, one of the things on that list will say “Lose weight”. For 37% it will say “get fit and healthy”. Either way, it’s very likely that one of your goals has to do with your health or fitness levels. So here’s how to make 2017 your healthiest year!

Join the TIU Look For Love Challenge

The hardest part is finding what kind of lifestyle plan works for you. Well I’m taking all the guesswork out of it, because Tone It Up’s New Year Challenge will give you all the tools you need. No, this isn’t some sales pitch like Beach Body or Weight Watchers. TIU is an online community of women that all share goals of health and happiness. I’ve been a TIU girl for five years now, and I’ve loved every minute of it! A big part of TIU is their super fun, really amazing annual challenges. Starting Jan 1st, and going through Feb 14th, they’re having their #LookforLove Challenge! Its 6 weeks of new workouts, new recipes, accountability, prizes and more! The best part? It’s all free! All you have to do is go sign up at I promise that there’s nothing like it!

Meal Plan + Prep

Okay, any way you look at it- planning your meals is key! This is the big downfall for so many people, because they decide to commit to a healthier lifestyle, but then don’t do any planning for it. Remember the saying, “Fail to plan, plan to fail”? There’s no way around it- if you’re going to be your healthiest you, you need to plan your meals! For me, I’ll be following the TIU meal plan and prepping my meals for the week every Sunday. That means every weekend I sit down, make a list of my meals for the week, go grocery shopping, and prep in advance so that I’m not scrambling the day of.

Commit to a Workout Schedule

I like to treat my workouts like they’re appointments. My workouts are an important, daily commitment for me, and I know that if I want to see the results, I’m going to have to hold up my end of the bargain! Again, I’ll be following the TIU workout schedule. Every Sunday, TIU puts out their free weekly workout schedule. I love that they’ve taken the guesswork out of it for me, but I also have the flexibility to adjust it, if I see something that doesn’t work for me. Regardless of if you follow TIU or not, it’s key to find a workout schedule that works for you. The most important part? Your workout should not feel like a chore! You need to find the workout that makes you smile, and then go with it! Don’t know what that is yet? That’s okay! Try the stair master, hiking, weight lifting, Zumba class, spin class, kickboxing class, personal training session, running, or youtube workout videos!

Write It Down

I believe in the power of writing it down, because every goal starts with a written plan. As the new year kicks off, take a few minutes to sit down and write out your goals. Write down why you want to make a change, how you’re going to get there, and how you’ll feel when you succeed. Identify common obstacles that have hindered your success in the past, and what you’re going to do differently to stop them from getting in your way. Often times it's helpful to put this paper up somewhere visible, so on the hard days you can remember why you started.

Buy A New Gym Outfit

This last one is by no means necessary, but it certainly is fun. I’m the type of person that gets really motivated from buying a new workout outfit that I love. The key here, is to find what helps to motivate you. That might be getting a gym membership, buying a package for spin class, buying new Nikes for running, new headphones for while you’re working out, or getting some yummy protein powder. Whatever it is- find your motivation. For me, that’s a new outfit, because when I work out I want to feel good about myself and have an outfit that is functional. Looking for a new outfit? My favorite places to shop are Tone It Up, VSX, Lululemon, Gapfit, Target, Nordstrom, and Bandier.

*To follow my workouts, diet, and daily life, you can follow my Instagram @em_tonedup.

Happy New Year lovelies! Make this YOUR year!

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