How To Kill It This Semester
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How To Kill It This Semester

Spring Semester Is Coming! Start Preparing Now.

How To Kill It This Semester

A new semester is right around the corner! Many students are gearing up with goals like a better GPA, better organization, or maybe even healthier habits. We can all say we have higher expectations and that we are going to buckle down but actually seeing improved results is another story. Without improved habits and performance, you will never see improved results. Use the following tips and strategies to help you kill it this semester!

Success loves speed. The faster you start working towards something, the faster you'll see results. Think of it in terms of momentum. During the first few days of classes, if you start pushing then by the end of the semester you are moving with ease. Remember, it can't be the same efforts made from last semester. If you want to be great, study the greats. Then do what they do.

Tip # 1: Get Your Professor On Your Side

At the beginning of the semester, the first class is usually a bust. The professor passes out the Syllabus, outlines the expectations, opens the floor to questions, and seeing none they excuse the class. Quick and easy, right? Set the tone both for yourself and for the professor and ask one question during this first class, "Professor, what did students who did really well in your class do that made the difference?" Be sincere and respectful, but if they start saying something like, "Well, the average student in my classes...", then clarify that you aren't trying to be average you want to know what the best did.

Now if your first response to this is thinking that you've never seen anyone do that before, that's good. The best usually do things out of the ordinary, but you have to study the best to be the best. This will be different for your Professor too,

Tip # 2: Get Organized

The more you can handle, the more you can do. The more you can do, the more you will be valued. That goes for any career. Because success loves speed, the quicker you learn how to manage your time the better candidate you are going to be when you start applying for jobs. You have to find what works for you when it comes to organization, but you never will until you start trying. If you'd like to start with a planner, I have used the Nomatic Notebook for years. Try something out for a few weeks, if it isn't working then move on. If you want to start with a simple to-do list, use these tips to improve.

Tip # 3: Connect Today To Your Tomorrow

Nothing is worse than feeling like a class has nothing to do with your career goals. Believe me, I have been there. We are often motivated and driven by our ideal future. If you find a way to connect this semester to that future you have in mind for yourself, you will be able to stay engaged in all of your classes. Even that math class.

Think about someone performing at the highest level in your career field. Now work your way backward, noting the skills, qualifications, and habits that they had to develop or achieve. Now use that list as a checklist for your success. Obviously, you won't accomplish everything on the list in the next five months, but the faster you start checking things off the faster you will get the whole list done. What classes are you taking this semester that can teach you or help you develop things on your list? Think about that every time you go to that class or work on a project. If the class isn't contributing to your career, then you are most likely taking it to satisfy a requirement for your degree. This is still important! Again, work backward. To get the job, you have to be interviewed. To qualify for an interview, you have to have a degree. To earn a degree, you have to fulfill all the course requirements. To fulfill all the course requirements, you have to pass math (or science, or gym, or whatever).

These are just three of many tips and strategies that you can use to totally rock this semester! College is all about preparing for your career, so start preparing! Change your tomorrow, starting today.

College is an incredible opportunity to grow and develop yourself. I believe you can! I am passionate about helping students catapult their careers and start changing their tomorrow starting today. Don't let anyone tell you it is too soon or that you can't accomplish your goals. I call this the Nix Your Limits Mentality and you can learn more about the Nix Your Limits message here.

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