10 Conditions For An Unbeatable Napping Spot

10 Conditions For An Unbeatable Napping Spot

If you snooze on these, you win.


As a college student, sleep isn’t always the easiest thing to come by. Sometimes the hours you spend at night finishing up readings and assignments can outweigh the hours spent with your eyes closed.

Now while some people might enjoy running on three hours of sleep with only coffee as a crutch, when I’m short on sleep I prefer to supplement with a quick nap instead. The other day I had the most sublime shut-eye session between classes that really made me appreciate the elements of a great napping spot.

If you ever find yourself in need of a nap but unable to fall asleep, double check these eleven ingredients to help set you up for the best nap of your life.

1. Indirect lighting

Having the sun glaring through your eyelids is not the marking of a great nap. Unless you’re on the beach. Then that’s okay.

2. White noise

If things are too quiet, any sudden noise can be very disruptive.

3. An unconventional pillow

Books, blankets, the grimy window of whichever public transit vehicle you find yourself in.

4. The warmest of environments

It’s really hard falling asleep if you’re shivering.

5. A blissful lack of eye-contact

If people are looking at you how are you expected to feel relaxed enough to fall asleep, huh?

6. The floor is close enough for your feet to touch it

If your feet aren’t on the floor, you won’t be able to snore.

7. Aromatherapy diffuser

Or at least being somewhere that doesn’t smell like trash.

8. A full stomach

Maybe this one is a little controversial, but I always get so sleepy after eating a really hefty meal that falling asleep comes easily.

9. A comfy shirt

Because nothing is worse than having a tight shirt when you’re napping. How will you stretch? But not necessarily comfy pants. I’ve probably taken more naps in jeans than anything else.

10. Optimally, zero responsibilities and looming tasks

But this one is a rare, rare condition, seldom happened upon.

Now go forth, and slumber. Don’t feel limited to a bed. Go find an old couch, a warm spot in a park, a quiet place in the back of a bus and let yourself drift off.

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