Classes start next week and I'm already stressed. Who will I sit by in my classes or should I just sit by myself? Should I actually join that club this year? But also, why haven't internships called me back yet? So. Much. Stress. I'm literally screaming inside.

Here are just a few ways I use to handle stress that may also be helpful to you:

Get Organized 


I find that when I'm actually organized and have everything written down that I tend to worry less. I usually mark everything in my calendar as soon as possible. Using Google Calendar has been a life saver for me since it send me notifications so I never miss a deadline. If you're into bullet journaling it's a great way to organize your to-do lists and thoughts too.



Do you guys know that lack of sleep causes stress? But when you have so many thoughts in your head it's also harder to fall asleep. It's better to focus on being as relaxed as possible before you go to bed. Try reading a good book and drinking some tea before bed.

Embrace Mistakes


This one is a little harder to do depending on what kind of person you are, but I highly recommend it. I make mistakes all the time and the only way I don't stress out about it for hours on end is to embrace my mistake and learn from it. This is especially important for us students because our job is to learn, which leaves us a ton of room to make all the mistakes we want. When you do make a mistake instead of thinking, "oh sh*t what have I done" try thinking, "okay what's done is done but what can I learn from it to do better next time." It's all about that growth mindset!



Sometimes it's okay to complain. When you find someone who'll listen to your problems it can really do wonders. Once I share with my siblings about the stresses I have going on in my life then I feel a sense of relief. We don't complain to find a solution to our problems but to be heard. I don't talk enough about my problems and keep it bottled it for so long that when it all comes out I basically have a mental breakdown. It's not a good sight. Definitely try to find someone you can confide in who's also a great listener and won't judge you about your feelings.

A Good Diet & Exercise


It's harder to do this as a college student on a budget but it's super important to eat good food and drink lots of water. I've found that when I actually eat good and drink less caffeine that my mental state is clearer. When your body is well-nourished it's more prepared to handle stress. Exercising is also a great way to reduce your stress levels and will help distract you from your daily worries. Try taking the stairs or the long way to class to help incorporate more exercise in your daily routine.

Hopefully, this article reminds you to take a second look over what makes you stressed and gives you a few ideas on how to handle that stress. You can always say no to things and be sure to take breaks as needed. I wish you all luck in the new school year!