Being a college student isn't easy. Whether you're a 4.0 student, just getting by, or somewhere in between, there's a lot of pressure tied with being a college student and all of the things you have to handle, from juggling school work to keeping a social life to maintaining your mental health, there's so much on your plate at all times.

However, if you are the type-A, straight A, mega-involved student — like myself — college becomes especially harder.

You have your own extremely high standards to keep up with, as well as all of the standards of family members, friends, teachers, or anyone else in your life who expects the very best of you.

While you may feel like your own ultimate critic, you know that there are others behind you constantly watching your every move too. If you don't get that A, if you don't get that position, if you're not involved in this opportunity, you probably feel like a complete failure.

I, too, feel that constant, overwhelming pressure to be perfect.

Even when you don't have other people giving you that pressure, you just constantly put it on yourself.

Every time I start preparing for a test, I worry more about having to get that A rather than putting in the effort to do well and getting the A because I'm fully prepared and ready for whatever hits me.

Every time I complete an assignment, every time I do a project, anytime I really do anything, I feel the need to be 100% at all times, with no wavering from perfection.

If you're like me and feel this way, know that it's not up to you to live up to other people's expectations. If those people truly cared about you, they would love and support you even if you slipped and got that B or didn't feel the energy or drive to participate in everything all the time. I'm lucky that I try to encircle myself with people who will support me 100% and want me to be the best that I can be but don't expect perfection all of the time.

If you are feeling the pressure from those around you, don't be afraid to take a step back and evaluate what's best for you and your mental state.

If you always are at perfection, what are you continuing to strive for? Sure, there's always room for improvements, but it's important to make those improvements at a pace that is comfortable for you but still allows you to show off your talents and drive. You will be amazing at whatever you do, you just have to remember that in your heart and not let your brain talk you out of it.

It's not easy living life where you always feel on the edge of needing to do something, but you can and you will get through it.