How to Get Over A Guy Who Doesn't Like You Back

How to Get Over A Guy Who Doesn't Like You Back

You have fallen for him hard, but he doesn't have the same feelings for you. It is time to do yourself a favor and get over him now so you can move on with your life.

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One of the worst feelings in the world is liking a guy and finding out he does not feel the same towards you. It crushes you, yet you find yourself still obsessing over him. You still really like him and hope that he will change his mind. If you're in this situation, you need to get over him NOW before you hurt yourself even more. Here's how you can do it fast:

Cut off all communication with him

You don't need to see what pictures he's posting on Instagram. You don't need to keep sending him pictures on snapchat. Stop checking your phone. You know you are just waiting for a notification from your phone. A text, a snap, even a picture from Instagram would make you happy, but it never comes. You're waiting for something that will never happen. Unfollow him and delete his number.

Stop creating fantasies in your head

That kind of stuff gives you false hope. You don't need hope. You already know the outcome. You know he doesn't like you the way you like him. Your life isn't over so stop imagining what your life would be like if the two of you were together and instead go live your life.

Stay away from sad songs and romance movies 

It's okay to be upset. You are allowed to feel whatever you are feeling, but you can't wallow in your misery forever. If you surround yourself with things that will make you think of him and make you sad, you'll never get over him. He's just one guy. ONE person should not have that big of an effect on your life. If he doesn't care about you, why waste your energy thinking about him?

No matter what you do, don't text him back

He might occasionally text you "hey" and you will feel so tempted to respond back. Don't give him that power. He texts you because he knows you will always respond and be there for him. Not this time. The ball is in your court. If you respond, it is a sign of weakness and desperation. You'll be happy he is talking to you and then the next day your obsession with him starts all over again. You'll wait around for a snap or a text and it won't come. Why? Because he doesn't like you. He just likes the attention you give him. If you don't respond, you take back your power and pride. Maintain that strength no matter how hard it may be to not text him back.

Acknowledge reality

Think of all the negative things about him. Was he mean to you? Did he ignore you a lot? Does he like to flirt with a lot of girls? Is he with someone else or does he just not like you? This one guy cannot be the one for you. If he was, then there would be no question in his mind that he would want to be with you. If they want to be with you, they will be. They aren't playing hard to get or trying to get your attention. Get yourself out of that sort of situation and move on. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you? His feelings aren't going to magically change overnight so stop pretending that you have a chance with him.

Ask yourself "What's so special about him?"

Is it his looks? Is he funny? If these are the reasons why you like him, remember this: There are millions of guys out there who are good looking and have a good sense of humor. You can't get hung up on this ONE guy. It's one attractive, funny guy. Remind yourself though that he doesn't want you. As harsh as that sounds, it's the truth and you need to remember that. Stop feeding your mind with false hope. Stop looking at sad love quotes and reading sad poems that make you think of him. He's not yours.

Put yourself back out there

Go hang out with friends. Have some fun. Live your life. Date other guys. Do anything that puts you in a positive environment. You know that hearing from the guy makes you think you are happy, but all it is doing is making it harder to let him go. You are doing more damage to yourself by letting him contact you. Stay strong. He's not worth your tears, time, or energy so go out and make memories instead of crying over some guy.

Allow yourself to move on so you can be happy

I'm not saying it's easy. Developing feelings for a person takes a lot out of you especially when you invest a lot of time and energy into one person. Sometimes when we like a person we put on these rose budded glasses that blind us. You only look at the good things about him. You need to remove those glasses and see him as he truly is. Allow yourself to feel joy in life so let him go. I promise you he isn't the only guy out there. You're going to be okay as long as you let him go.

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