Five lessons I've learned since I started looking out for my health and taking better care of my body.

I'm No Gym Enthusiast

I prefer to workout at home. A mix of lack of time and the fact that I don't feel comfortable working out around a bunch of other people has led me to find some great apps and self-paced workout regimens! My current favorite is called "Seven," and much like the name suggests, each workout is only seven minutes long. A combination of High-Intensity Interval and Strength Training, it always leaves me feeling worn out but accomplished! I've also started playing "Just Dance" as part of my cardio portion, and who could think of a better way to start your morning than jamming out to your favorite songs?

Water, Water, Water!

I've written about this before, but there is almost nothing more important for your health than drinking enough water. I start each day by drinking a full 16 ounces during my morning routine, and try to drink at least 100 ounces per day! I have found a ton of awesome flavor combinations to infuse my water with, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • Lemon - Lime
  • Strawberry - Basil
  • Orange - Mint

Being Vegetarian Is Way Easier Than I Expected

About five months ago, on a trip to visit some of my family members in Texas, I challenged myself to be vegetarian for one week. I ordered the same things as my vegetarian cousin and talked to her about why she chose to stop eating meat. I'm still not sure why I chose to make a change that particular week, but since then, I've been vegetarian! There are so many options for plant-based protein, and I've found so many that are delicious and have the same amount of protein or even more than meat!

Support System

There's not a lot to say here. Finding someone to hold you accountable for taking care of your body is the most important part of a fitness journey. I am supported by my cousin, who is working towards the same goals I am. We congratulate each other on completed workouts (a super cool part of having an Apple Watch), share healthy recipes, and go shopping together to reward us when we meet our mini-goals!

Mental and Physical Health Go Hand-In-Hand

In addition to my physical health, I have also started meditating, and taking time to reflect on my days through a combination of journaling and mindfulness practices. While working out, I take time to be intentional with each portion, being grateful that my body is able to do the activities, even if they seem hard in the moment. This awareness has helped me be more positive, as well as simply looking forward to every day and the joy it brings!